The Something’s: Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue
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We have all heard the saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue,” but many of us have no idea where this tradition originated from?  In today’s modern world, brides adhere to this rich tradition but the origin and meaning a far from our grasp.  This tradition originated out of the Victorian era and was designed to bring the best of luck to the bride on her wedding day!  Here’s a peek into the meanings behind the traditions that make up a part of your special day!

*Something old: refers to an item that is worn in order to retain the connections with your family after your wedding day, as in continuing the past into the future.  Old items have become accustomed to being antique, family heirlooms, or sentimental pieces.

*Something new: represents optimism for the future and the bride and husband creating a new unity and vision. Be creative ladies, your wedding dress can be the “new” item but why not opt for a unique headpiece that’s so trendy right now.

*Something borrowed: is an item on your wedding day that is used to symbolize your love and happiness for the person from whom you borrowed it from.

*Something blue: is to symbolize a couple’s fidelity, love, and good fortune to each other.  One of the most popular “blue” items that brides wear is a blue garter.

Let’s not forget about the last something, for which you may or may not have heard of, which is the sixpence in your shoe!  Typically the coin is placed in the bride’s left shoe, but can also be carried in the bride’s purse!

Now that we have all the facts down it is time to shop for your fabulous “Something’s” that will truly make your special day even more meaningful!  Click here if you are in need of a little help gathering your “something’s” for your special day! You'll find some of the cutest garters you've ever seen in your life!

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