The Worst Wedding Pinterest Trends According to Planners

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No one, not even these planners, can deny the fact that Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for so many brides, because well, it is! However, like anything, it definitely has its downfalls, something the peeps behind the scenes know all too well. From trends that are way too played out to pictures that promise the world but definitely don't deliver, here are the “worst” wedding Pinterest trends according to seasoned planners.

1. Barn and forest weddings

“While we love looking at them, the photos of people getting married in forests and barns foster unrealistic expectations. That rustic look is way harder to pull off and way more expensive than Pinterest makes it seem. This can make our jobs much harder when we have to explain to couples that they need to rent a generator and bathrooms and kitchen equipment in order to do this sort of thing. It can be really deflating for couples who have their heart set on that look.” —Natasha Burton and Jennifer Arreguin, co-founders of Swoon California

2. Naked cakes

“I'm not big on the naked cake trend that has taken over in the last couple of years. If you think about the basics of baking, leaving a cake unfrosted is going to make it dry out, so while the cake might look nice, it's not going to taste good. Pinterest tends to showcase pretty but impractical ideas and this is a prime example!” —Laura Irizarry-Garcia of LIG Events

3. Staged wedding photos you HAVE to have

“I would say the worst Pinterest trend that many brides fall ‘victim' to are the staged wedding photos you have to have. While they may seem helpful in creating a photo list you envision as the perfect way to capture your special day, they actually inhibit the natural photography process and keep you from being present in the moment. Allocate enough of your budget to hire a professional, reputable photographer and let them do their job. Don't stress about trying to capture the exact image you saw on Pinterest — I promise you'll love the images that are unique to you and your loved ones!” —Samantha Gieseke, owner of Plan Our Day Houston

4. Picnic blankets as seats

“I've seen some garden/bohemian style Pinterest posts that suggest swapping traditional seating arrangements for short tables and picnic squares to sit on. Weddings, which are often multi-generational events, should work to be inclusive though. Seating grandparents on the ground might make for a less enjoyable and certainly more uncomfortable event for all family and friends.” —Anthony Navarro of Liven It Up Events

5. Mason jars

“Painting them, dipping them in glitter, drinking out of them, using them as centerpieces, hanging them from pews and posts, the list goes on. Often seen filled with baby's breath, this Pinterest trend keeps soldiering on at rustic weddings in spite of being overused and overdone in every possible way. I wish brides knew that there are inexpensive ways to decorate that are fun and fresh and not overdone. Go to consignment shops and dollar stores and pick out unique vases to hold your blooms. An antique bud vase with one stunning flower, for example, has more impact than a jar of baby's breath, I promise.” —Chelsea Roy, owner of Everything But The Ring

6. Everything DIY

“So many things go wrong when brides try to DIY projects they found on Pinterest. For example, they don't test it out before the day and when we actually put it together it doesn't work or falls apart. Just because you saw it on Pinterest, doesn't make it a good idea. It also doesn't make it inexpensive. My biggest pet peeve is when a bride finds something that “Pinterest says” is more cost effective like DIY, and it's usually not.” —Francesca DiSalvo-Follmer of Pure Luxe Bride

7. Black Cakes

“There's one Pinterest trend in particular that makes me crazy: black wedding cakes! I understand the initial appeal since they can look stunning in photographs, but think about what happens in the real world when someone eats a piece of cake with black icing or fondant…black teeth! Not a good look.” —Leah Weinberg, owner of Color Pop Events

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