These Are the Best Wedding Hashtags We’ve Ever Heard

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Want your wedding to be #awesome? Then you've got to come up with an awesome wedding hashtag, duh. All the cool kids are doing it! On the real though, wedding hashtags are a great way to consolidate all those fun Instagram and Facebook pics from the big day into one easily clickable place. And the more unique and clever the hashtag, the better, we say. To get some inspiration and just for kicks, we've rounded up some of the best of the best wedding hashtags from real brides and grooms around the Internet. Prepare to laugh your asses off, peeps.


His last name is Durek, nickname Durekane. She's called Katrina, and they got hitched in Costa Rica so obviously the only hashtag that really made sense was this one.


When Ashley found out her BFF was getting hitched, she instantly knew what the wedding hashtag had to be: A play on the bride-to-be's last name (Kress) combined with everyone's favorite wedding-themed TV Show, “Say Yes To The Dress”.


We love a bride and groom with a good sense of humor and this couple's wedding hashtag proved that they definitely have the ability to laugh at themselves. The bride-to-be's maiden name was Hussey so of course this one fit perfectly LOL.


When in doubt, pick a popular rom com movie title like the Stroope's did and make it work! “We got the idea the good old-fashioned way (if you can even say that for a hashtag) by asking close family and friends for recommendations,” the bride tells us. “Ultimately my now-husband's most clever coworker nailed it with this one.”


Erika is getting married this spring to her lovely fiancé, David Morgan, and one of her bridesmaids came up with the perfect hashtag for the duo. It's a mix of his last name (soon to be hers) and a reflection of their personalities. He's more of the quiet, thoughtful, calm type and she's the loud, chatty and sometimes intense one.


When Stephanie found out what her friend's upcoming wedding hashtag was she couldn't help but laugh. “The groom is named Jason Harris and everyone calls him Harry as a nickname,” she says. “He's been featured in some surf films called Dirty Harry. Because of all of this, they decided that their hashtag would be: #bigfatharrywedding.” Hahaha!


Prior to the wedding, this bride actually paid someone online to come up with the perfect hashtag, but still, nothing felt right. The closest thing and runner-up was #TheCruzscendo. However, they ultimately went in a different direction. “#2LiveCruzWedding kind of summed it all up for us. We're music fan and maybe a little bit ‘out there,' as are our friends so it seemed appropriate.” They did opt out of playing any 2 Live Crew at the wedding though. “Some of our more conservative guests may not have appreciated it,” she says.


What happens when a professional writer marries a Stock? A clever hashtag, that's what! “Stocks” is obviously a reference to the two of them, and “Bonds” refers to marriage bonds, which we think is the perfect play on words and oh so fitting.

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