Tip: Must Haves for Private Home Weddings



A private home wedding is a great way to personalize your wedding day, however, there is much preparation. Check out the list below on how to prepare for a successful event.

  • Landscaping. Plant Early
  • Make sure the ground is level
  • Power, add it up: lighting, band/DJ, sound, catering, parking area, fans/heaters, etc. Rent a generator
  • Spray for bugs (important for comfort of the guests and caterer and so there are no bugs in your food!)
  • Restrooms trailer: you may need power and a water hook up
  • Parking! (valet)
  • Septic or sewer system? How many times can the toilet be flushed each hour?
  • Trash cans and liners
  • Allow time for vendors to check out the home before hand
  • Permits
  • Noise ordinance
  • Tents (size, ground, location)
  • Be polite and notify neighbors
  • Notify local police department if within city limits
  • Special event insurance
  • Supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, soap, bug spray and Benedryl (for bug bites!)
  • Backup plan for weather


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