Tip of the Month – Hire a Professional Photographer

Below is a sad letter from a recent bride who used a “friend” for their wedding photos.  We tell all of our clients to be sure they hire a professional, and depending on the venue, if the lighting is dim, this is what can happen:

“Hey Angela!

So, we are getting our pictures back from the wedding and they are terrible.  I could just die.  All of our pre-wedding shots are beautiful but literally, every single picture of us is too dark.  I am panicking.  I talked to the photographer and she said she didn’t know how to fix them.  I am floored.  She promised me she’d have lighting and could edit.  She can do nothing.  My question is, do you know a photographer that could possibly edit the pictures?  I realize I’m looking for a miracle.  I also realize I’ll have to pay a ton for it.  I’m out of options though. My other alternative is to have zero decent pictures of  us or to BEG the chapel to let us try and get dressed up again and do a day time re-do session with just us.  Let me know if you have any other ideas.  They didn’t even put them on their website, she just sent them to me on a CD.  Funny, they did our engagement pics (which were stunning) and they plastered those everywhere. Thanks for your help!!!  You are amazing!! Feel free to use these as “why you should hire a true professional and always listen to Angela”  !

Upset Bride

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