Escape Email Jail with SaneBox

A few months ago, Blake from Nashville Event Lighting introduced our team to a new tool that will streamline your inbox called SaneBox. We already had folders in place on our email platform, but when your inbox is exceeding hundreds of emails per day, a little more organization is needed. So, we gave SaneBox a try. The way it works is SaneBox will research your email history to see what and who you respond to most often and which emails never get opened. This process allows the SaneBox monitor to know who to keep in your main inbox, and who to send to the “Read Later” file.

SaneBox also offers features like the Sane Black Hole Folder, which is a one-click unsubscribe to all of those subscriptions that don't ever cancel – so they get sent straight to the trash. The Response Tracking is extremely helpful when making sure an email doesn't get left unanswered for too long, along with countless other helpful tools to improve productivity.  A huge Thank You to Blake for introducing us to this great product – Check them out at!

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