Vendors: Know the Venue

Being familiar with the venue you are filming at is so important. Having access to all the areas of the building and rooms of an event is also very important and can be easily overlooked without proper pre-planning.

Some venues have very tight security that requires a key card to enter through gates, loading docks, rooms, elevators, etc. It can also be time consuming to acquire an all access security pass, and if you wait until last minute the cinematographer could miss all of the bridal preparation just because of being unable to unload equipment or even get to the appropriate room.

Wedding cinematography requires a lot of equipment so we like to arrive early to find a place to set up for dropping footage, charging batteries and storing equipment. Making sure of easy access to all areas of the location before the day begins ensures the job can be done successfully.

At some venues, you can pull up to a loading dock, unload your equipment, wheel it to a room, go back to park your car and then return to the area. This could take an hour just to get settled into the venue. The camera team can miss countless moments just because they don’t have access to a parking space, an elevator key or a key card to specific rooms.

In addition, the couple should consider these options when selecting a venue. It should be discussed with the venue contact and/or a wedding planner to ensure easy access for all vendors involved. The couple should also make sure to hire vendors who are familiar with the venue they have selected or have experience with venues that are on a similar scale. The outcome will be much smoother on everyone.

This article was written by Zane Hauck of Zane Karl Studios.

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