Cracking The Wedding Dress Code

Have you ever received a wedding invitation in the mail that left you completely clueless about what to wear? Between “black tie optional” and “semiformal,” the language can be tricky to decipher. Don't worry— the info you need is likely there. You just have to know how to interpret the invite wording. Weddings have plenty of moving pieces, so T.M.Lewin recently developed a visual wardrobe style-guide to help all wedding attendees, from guest to groom, navigate what to wear for their role in a wedding. In London, T.M.Lewin are known as experts in dressing smart for an occasion. Historically, the T.M.Lewin brand is best known for their innovations with the coat-shirt (button-down shirt), which has become a true staple in wedding culture. If you're in need of a sharper or smarter look, be sure to check out their men's shirts and occasionwear.


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