Wedding Makeup Essentials Your Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Won’t Bring

Photo: Love Be Photography

You can count on your hair and makeup team to think of almost everything: budge-proof mascara that won't run down your face while you read your vows, multiple curling iron wands to give you those coveted natural-looking waves and hairspray that'll make your ‘do last until that very last until the very last dance. But there's plenty of not-so-typical products that are just as essential to your beauty look that your glam squad might not have on hand, like frizz-defying hair sheets you can tuck into your clutch or an acne spot treatment for a last-minute stress zit. So we've put together a handy checklist of forget-me-not items to keep in your stash — and chances are you'll use them for way beyond your big day, too.

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