Wedding Planners: How To Get Rid of Time Wasters For Bigger Profits

A wedding planner and vendor’s goal is to execute on the most important day of their clients’ lives. In addition to pleasing clients, planners and vendors find fulfillment in being a strategic partner. Wedding planners are experts in molding the theme that a bride wants, as well as assembling several factors that go into planning the perfect wedding day.

The most critical part of a planner’s business is organizing clients’ needs while still working to grow their business. Experts in the industry share the critical need for their administrative tasks to be managed so they can focus on booking more business and taking care of their current clients. While there are methods of organization that help maintain planners’ and vendors’ business, there’s a next level value in vendors using a tool that’s built specifically for their industry to not only maintain a businesses, but to help it grow.

A tool like Plan The Day was built with the aspiration to eliminate unnecessary tasks for wedding professionals so they can focus on what they do best – planning the perfect day. Here are some tips that current professionals use to get rid of time wasters to turn a larger profit:

Have a single workspace platform for clients and vendors
Track all communication in one place (and get out of email jail!)
Securely backup and share documents that can be public or private
Share and delegate tasks to team members and/or clients to track accountability

To learn how to apply these time-saving tips for bigger profits, Plan The Day co-founder and president Cristina Goebel and I will be hosting a free webinar on January 28 at 6pmPST/9pmEST on to discuss more tips and solutions for wedding planners and vendors, and you can check out a teaser as well on January 28 @Eventsbyap on Periscope at 12pmPST/3pmEST.

To read and see more in-depth details on the time saving tips above, check out the full article here and sign up now for the webinar!

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