What to Do When a Wedding Gift Comes Without a Card

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Keeping on top of wedding gifts and thank you notes can feel like a second job if you’re not organized from the beginning. But even the most organized of brides runs into this little snafu at least once: A gift without a note. How can you write a thank you note if you don’t know who the gift came from? Our experts have a few tips for figuring out who to thank.

The first thing to figure out is if the gift was purchased off of your wedding registry. If so, log in and see if the registry’s thank you tracker has a record of who purchased the gift. Keep in mind, though, that some do offer the option of keeping the purchaser’s name a secret. In that case, try calling customer service — they might be able to let you know who bought the gift.

Not on your registry? If the gift was shipped directly from a store, call to see if an associate can pull up a record of what was purchased. With your name and shipping address, they may be able to solve the puzzle! It will also be easier if the gift was mailed with a receipt.

If neither of these options pan out, do some sleuthing. Ask your mom or dad if they know of a friend or relative who sent you a gift, and see if what you’ve received sounds familiar. Did the type of gift give you a hint as to whom it may have come from? Don’t be afraid of making a phone call, letting them know you’ve received a gift without a card and want to make sure you can send a thank you note! And if you’re still not having any luck, wait until you’ve heard through the grapevine from a guest wondering if their gift made it to you, or until after your wedding, when you’ve received most of your gifts and have the list narrowed down.

This article was written by Jaimie Schoen for Brides.com.

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