What You Need to Bring When Shopping for Wedding Dresses

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If there’s anything more exciting about wedding planning than shopping for a wedding dress, we don’t know what it is. And that shopping trip is even more fun when it’s a successful one! The key to a great visit to a bridal salon, whether or not you leave with your dream dress, is being well-prepared. Our experts have some tips on what to bring to make sure your experience is a fantastic one.

The Right Undergarments

Many salons will provide a corset to wear when you’re shopping, but there are a few things from your own lingerie drawer that you’ll want to pack. Bring a nude strapless bra, wear nude underwear, and consider bringing along some shapewear. Remember, you’ll be nearly naked as a stranger helps you in and out of dresses, so if you’d be more comfortable with some coverage, Spanx or boyshorts may be your best bet. Avoid anything with too much texture or bright colors or patterns, which can show through gowns and will distract from the look.

The Right Shoes

You’re not having your fittings quite yet, so you don’t need The Shoes for your wedding day, but a pair of heels you’re comfortable in (and can walk in!) will do wonders. Heels tend to change your posture and make you stand a little straighter, and the skirts on those wedding dresses will probably be LONG so you’ll appreciate having some extra height. Planning on wearing something different, like cowboy boots? Bring a pair with you to slip on when you think you’ve found a contender, so you can see how your dress will look with something other than standard satin pumps.

The Right Extras

A few bobby pins, a hairband, and some lipstick will be extra handy when you think you’ve found your dream dress. Pull back your hair, add a swipe of color to your lips, and tuck that veil in to help you see the whole picture!

This article was written by Jaimie Schoen for Brides.com.

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