What Your Wedding Season Says About You

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Did you know that the month you get married might shed some insight into your preferences and personality, from what you like to do in your downtime to your general nature? Read on to find out what your wedding season says about you.


You march to the beat of your own drum and are likely introverted, preferring small, intimate gatherings (and weddings!) with a tight-knit group of friends to large, over-the-top affairs. Even in the darkest of situations, you're able to see the light and turn a negative into a positive. Although quiet and slightly reserved, you're an excellent listener and the friend all your bridesmaids turn to for life advice. While you're much more of a homebody, you do appreciate the natural beauty of winter and the breathtaking scenery the season has to offer. You're big on family and better at writing than vocalizing your thoughts, which means your personalized vows are sure to rock your fiancé and guests' world. You're not one to ever follow the crowd, so it's only fitting that you chose winter to tie the knot.


Spring brides are all about new beginnings and are natural-born organizers, making them the perfect wedding planners. You're easy-going and relaxed but definitely not a pushover when it comes to negotiating those contracts. In fact, many would describe you as a go-getter who achieves anything she puts her mind to, wedding-related goals included! You're nurturing and kind, you always have a fresh perspective to offer on life's predicaments and problems. Health and wellness are major points of focus in your life, and not just for the purpose of looking your best on the big day. You're committed to eating right and hitting the gym year-round. Yoga and meditation are also your go-to's for stress relief.


Bring on the fun! You're the life of the party, and there's nothing you love more than socializing. Chances are, your wedding guest list will be just as big as your warm and sunny personality. Bubbly, free-spirited, and full of light, you're always up for a spontaneous adventure, be it with your girls, your fiancé, or both. You enjoy hiking, biking, and being outside in general, which is precisely why you're planning an outdoor ceremony and perhaps even a tropical destination wedding. Yes, you're tying the knot, but that doesn't mean you don't enjoy your freedom and hate being tied down by a ton of plans. You prefer to wing it and go with the flow instead, seeing where life takes you as opposed to meticulously planning out every last little detail. If you haven't already hired a wedding planner, you may want to seriously consider it!


Fall is the season for edgy brides who like to take risks and don't play by the rules, particularly when it comes to wedding traditions and design. You welcome change with open arms and often seek it out. You can be unpredictable, just like the season, and tend to keep your friends and family on their toes, typically in the best way possible. You're a trendsetter and a creative artist at heart. DIY projects are so your thing, and it's impressive how good at them you actually are. You have a knack for fashion and an affinity for coffee. Your future husband doesn't mind your dark side that comes out in the bedroom either!

This article was written by Elizabeth Mitchell for Brides.com.

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