Whatever You Do, DON’T Choose the ‘World’s Ugliest Color’ for Your Wedding Theme

While you're on the hunt for the perfect wedding color palette for your seaside destination wedding, keep one crucial new piece of research findings in mind — the world's ugliest color. Normally wedding colors should complement a venue or invoke some sort of joy in guests, but if you add this sneaky hue into your theme it could spell disaster for your nuptials. At least according to researchers that is.

Pantone 448 C, also known as “opaque couché,” has been described by researchers as having the power to “minimize appeal” and “maximize perceived harm.” OUCH. Not only that, but House Beautiful notes the color is associated with the words “dirty,” “tar,” and even “death.” So like, I don't know… maybe AVOID THIS HUE LIKE THE PLAGUE?!

Photo: Pantone

After closer inspection of said opaque couché (the horror!), we totally get how the color has been dubbed the absolute fugliest in the entire world. And that's saying something in a sea full of green poop and neon orange tints. But how, out of the entirety of all the colors that exist, did researchers come up with one specific swatch to rag on?

Well, according to House Beautiful, “Back in 2012 the Australian government hired research agency GfK to spearhead the new package design for all tobacco products. But instead of the marketing firm's usual goal, they had to accomplish the opposite. Every carton had to look as unappealing as possible.”

Those sneaky Aussies!

Anyways, after three months of testing offensively gross colors on more than 1000 regular smokers, the researchers found a clear winner — the sewage-esque hue of 448 C. But it wasn't a total washout. Other color contenders were, “lime green, white, beige, dark gray, and mustard,” as noted by House Beautiful.

Now, your wedding isn't exactly a cigarette package by any means, but if smokers (who are literally addicted to smoking) won't even buy a carton with this color on it, we doubt you'd really want to incorporate it into your wedding festivities. Just a thought!

This article was written by Alexis Hobbs for Brides.com.

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