What’s In and What’s Out for Weddings In 2017

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The new year is here, and what better way to follow a romantic holiday engagement than by planning a wedding chock-full of 2017’s top wedding trends?

We enlisted the help of top wedding planners across the country to peer into crystal ball of wedding planning, with an eye towards to most innovative and exciting 2017 wedding trends. If you’re over ombre cakes and countryfied, read on for the wedding trends that lay ahead… and which of 2016’s trends you can safely kiss goodbye.

In: Refined and Regal Venues
Out: Barnyard Bashes
According to Shannon Leahy Rosenbaum, the brain behind Shannon Leahy Events, the big barn hoopla is out in favor of more streamlined designs at formal locations. “We are hearing from our clients that they are over the ‘barn' wedding,” Rosenbaum shares. “They're looking at more elegant, timeless properties like historical buildings, ballrooms and manicured gardens for 2017.”

In: Intriguing Interiors
Out: Rigid Rental Furniture
Jesse Tombs, managing partner of Alison Events + Design, heralds the end of staid rental furniture in favor of more personalized interior design for 2017. Tired of your standard rental companies furniture? Ask your wedding planner to work with an interior staging company like The Green Couch in San Francisco,” Tombs recommends. “We love working with design stores and staging companies to get that custom interior designed look that feels collected over time and not like what you find at every other wedding.”

In: Multilayered Video And Light Displays
Out: Static Images
Mary Krueger, founder of lauded design and event staging company Carmona Design + Events, advises her clients to look towards custom video and lighting elements for an ultra modern yet personalized fete. “A signature element for our company in the past 16 years has been creating oversize printed imagery and/or projections, and, as cutting-edge lighting technologies become more affordable, we have been able to incorporate, more frequently, lighting effects that were previously available to only our most extravagant weddings,” Krueger reveals. “For 2017, we are designing custom overlapping video projections, along with laser-type lights, to create dimensional “kinetic” room separations to amazing visual impact.”

In: Bold Colors
Out: Rustic and Wood
Kate Ryan and Chelsea Dillon, the brilliant minds behind Gold Leaf Event Design & Production, proclaim 2017 the year to retire rustic rentals and embrace crisp classics with a twist. “Aged furniture, exposing wood excessively, and the overuse of the word ‘rustic' have had more than their 15 minutes, and our design team is excited to create and develop new looks for our clients!” Ryan and Dillon share. “In 2017 beautifully textured linens, custom chairs, and bold colors are making their way into sailcloth tents, ornate ballrooms, and venues worldwide.”

In: Grand Surprises
Out: Photobooths
Amanda O'Callaghan, founder of eponymous event design company byAmanda Event Studio, sees 2017 as the perfect time to add a surprising twist to traditional wedding celebrations, in the form of guest-pleasing surprises. “For their guest's pleasure, more and more couples are seeking to provide an ‘out of the box’ experience to their evening — moving away from the photobooth that has been super popular in the past couple of years and adding surprises such as acapella groups to serenade guests over dinner, illusionists or live calligraphy at the escort table,” the event guru shares.

In: Statement Greenery
Out: Mod Minimalism
Virginia Edelson, owner of Bluebird Productions, encourages brides to go green for 2017. “Pantone recently released their 2017 color of the year: Greenery. Green in floral arrangements. Green in paper goods. Green on your linens. Greenery will abound in 2017,” Edelson says. The eco-friendly trend extends beyond simply emerald elements, however, encompassing beautiful blooms as well. “Flowers have always been ‘in’ but 2017 will be a year where flowers will take center stage. Flowers will be seen in the form of: large arrangements, floral walls, floral ceilings, details on stationery and more,” Edelson explains.

This article was written by Tyler Atwood for Brides.com.

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