When Your Band Has Turnover

You’ve spent numerous hours of energy and effort researching a band to hire and suddenly you find out someone has left or been replaced. How should you feel and what can you do?

Turnover occurs in the entertainment business just like in any other industry. Steve Jobs, the founder and former Apple visionary, passed away and yet the company continues to be incredibly profitable and their product offerings continue to set new benchmarks for the industry. Steve Perry, the original front singer and a key songwriter in the platinum-selling superstar group, Journey, has not performed with the band for over twenty five years and yet the band continues to tour to great success.

Currently, out of the five acts I personally formed, manage and produce to support my Entertainment Design work – totaling 33 permanent members – I am fortunate to only have three people turn over in the last few years. However, that could change at any minute because it’s ultimately not in my control. I treat them very well and provide a stimulating and rewarding environment but that doesn’t mean I can depend on anyone to stay forever.

I sincerely view it as an opportunity to take the act to yet another level. Perhaps pricing has increased and I can now afford a higher level of talent. Maybe an incredibly gifted artist is now available for hire whereas they weren’t at an earlier time. Or possibly I can now find someone who brings more to the table in other ways such as a singer who is not only a great vocalist but who is also more charismatic than who I had before.

The main issues, for you as a client to assess, are the brand and consistent quality of the product just like in my earlier examples using Apple and Journey. I founded SoundConnection, thankfully an extremely popular and successful band, twenty-five years ago. All ten members are certainly not the same as when it started. When the need to hire someone new comes up, every single time I use it to create an opportunity to have the band grow to new heights. It’s also how we’ve been able to keep the buzz going not only within the market and industry but also to keep the band itself inspired and highly motivated.

You first need to determine if you can trust the act’s leader as well as whoever represents the act. Once that is established, do not concern yourself with possible turnover. Know that you can depend on them to do whatever is necessary to ensure you have the same (or even better) quality and presentation of talent that you expected when you first chose and contracted them. On the night of your wedding celebration, let go and rely not only on your entertainment but also your entire support team to be the professionals they are and facilitate the celebration of your dreams!

Andy Kushner

Andy has received more press and both national and international awards than any other entertainment professional in the event industry. His Entertainment Productions have been featured in every media imaginable including television, magazines, newspapers, radio and numerous on-line outlets. From Billionaire clients’ weddings in remote and exotic locations to large-scale corporate worldwide Andy and his close-knit team incorporate innovative elements that take every event to unimaginable levels.

Named a Top 25 Trendsetter alongside with Preston Bailey, Sylvia Weinstock and Colin Cowie, Andy and his team craft a personalized music and entertainment design concept for every wedding, gala and corporate client. Their company-founded musical acts include the internationally known band, SoundConnection as well as Marquise Rhythm6 SoundNation and PopCulture Strings.

“As an Entertainment Designer, my work begins well in advance of the event to make sure I understand the host’s vision, goals, needs and purpose. I create one-of-a-kind concepts for my clients to make events unlike any other they have previously experienced – true customization.” – Andy Kushner

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