You want to “Pick My Brain?”

While I wish I had a money tree and I could help everyone for free, my time is limited. Check out this article titled “No, You Can’t Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much.” Please don’t take offense to this, because my heart is in it to help! When I take the time out to teach and help other, it costs me time, which time is money as a busy entrepreneur.
Here are some rules of thumb from Forbes Contributor Adrienne Graham to ensure that your knowledge is also valuable:

-Believe that what you know is valuable.
-Create a fee schedule.
-Decline lunch/coffee invitations unless they are strictly non-business.
-Keep it light.
-Prominently post that there are no freebies.
-Exchange for equal value.
-Refer them to your “free” resources.
-Don’t be afraid to send them to Google.
-Ask them for a paying referral.
-Don’t back down.

Or if you are interested in picking my brain, I would love to help! Click here to sign up for an appointment.

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