Your Hair and Makeup Trial Did Not Go Well — Now What?

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For most brides, their wedding day is one of the few times they'll have a full glam squad on-hand to help them primp, so finding a hair or makeup artist who does amazing work and understands your vision is key. No pressure, right? That's where trials come in handy. You'll get to know one another, and will be able to see their work firsthand. But… what if it doesn't go the way you'd planned? Here's what our experts have to say about hair and makeup trials that don't quite meet your expectations.

Don't love how your trial turned out? There are a few things you can do. The first is to sit down with your hair or makeup artist and tweak the final product. Want looser curls, a fuller chignon, or beachier waves? Speak up! Your hairstylist wants you to love how you look, so take the time to go over any adjustments (and make sure to take notes so you can use the right keywords and trigger any memories or ideas on your wedding day). If it's the wrong shade of lipstick or false eyelashes that are way too heavy, ask your makeup artist to show you a few other options. And of course, be prepared even before the appointment with plenty of pictures and inspiration, so you can point your beauty pros toward your dream look.

If you'd like to schedule a second trial, start the conversation about what you'd like changed while you're still in the salon. If you're polite and up-front about what you'd like to do differently, you're more likely for your hair or makeup artist to be eager to take a second shot at your dream look. However, don't assume that round two will be a complimentary service. You'll need to make a second appointment, and should compensate your stylist for their extra time.

If there's a bigger problem at hand, like a service that totally doesn't match what was advertised or an issue with communication or your personal comfort, now's the time to start searching for a different hair or makeup artist. Ask your planner or photographer for recommendations (and don't forget to ask about this new person's working style), then start interviewing. You'll be spending a couple of hours with them the morning on your wedding, so you want to feel just as good as you'll look.

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