5 Habits of Time Wasters and How You Can Stop Being One

With social media, online games, and other mobile apps, it seems like it is easier to get anybody distracted nowadays. More often than not, we can find things around us that takes our minds off what from what we’re supposed to be doing. We all have 24 hours per day and yet, it seems like it’s never enough to get anything done. Thus, we end up with more OTs and lesser time with the family and oneself.

It is easy to get swamped with work especially if you’re not great at time management. Time management is crucial for any profession. In this fast-paced world, it is easy to run out of time for anything whether it’s for your work or for your family. So if you want to have more time for yourself, and still be able to deliver quality write ups, you need to learn time management.

Here are 5 time wasting habits and what you can do about them.

1. You Gossip

Instead of preparing for work and fixing your desk as you turn on the computer, you look for your best office bud and chatter. A small talk shouldn’t take so much of your time, right? Wrong!

What can you do?

While you're waiting for your computer to start up, say your mantra. Take a deep breath. Say something good about yourself. If you have a target, tell yourself you'll be able to accomplish it. Example: say, “I'm finishing everything that’s needed today” or “I'm hitting the quota today”. Just anything positive to jump start your day.

2. You Play Games

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. With technology, we can play anytime, anywhere. Playing games can be like a short escape from the pressures of everyday mundane activities. However, it can also easily eat up your time—time which you can use to be productive.

What can you do?

We all need to unwind our brains and refill creative juices from time to time. However, playing mobile games may actually have that adverse effect. Instead of being more inspired, you might end up more exhausted when you start losing over your opponent.

Instead of squeezing in a game in between tasks, try the reverse approach. Finish the day’s goals first and play afterwards or during breaks.

3. You Love Staring at your Social Media Accounts

You probably have more one social media account. What's wrong with it? Nothing. It’s good for promoting your work especially if you’re in the marketing field. But it can also get distracting. Constantly scrolling and browsing your news feed during work hours will distract you from your goals! Especially if you stumble upon something funny, it will be irresistible to play the next video.

What can you do?

Switch off all notifications on your phone. If you can delete your social apps, do so. But if you can’t help but check your social media accounts during work hours, make sure that you allot a certain time for it. Check your phone only during breaks or better yet, after you’ve finished your work.

4. You Always Surf the Internet

Most office work heavily rely on the internet to research information. Sadly, it is easy to get lost looking for information online as well. One moment, you’re researching about your task, the next thing you know a pop-up jumps across the screen with a cute puppy on it. And since you like puppies, you click it and next thing you know you’re browsing Buzzfeed or Distractify.

What can you do?

Self-discipline is the key. If it’s not related to what you are writing about, don’t click it. Try TimeDoctor, it's a time-tracking app which records how and where you spend your time on research or on a certain website. This will help you monitor yourself if you have been spending too much time on one resource. For a complete list of the best time management apps of 2017, click here.

5. You Don't Plan your Tasks for the Day

You just go with the flow like a leaf in a stream. You depend on your boss on which content you should finish first. You don’t plan ahead and now, you procrastinate and force yourself to complete work within the deadline. Thus, leading to more revisions on top of your current tasks since you have delivered poorly executed work.

What can you do?

List down your tasks according to urgency. You can write it down old-school way using your pen and post-its. Or, download productivity apps like Timeful, Evernote, Focus Booster, and MyLifeOrganized.
Do you think you're a time waster? Do you think these tips are helpful for you to be a more productive writer? Be sure to share your thoughts with us.

This article was written by Maria Espie Vidal for TimeDoctor.

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