6 Things I Loved About The 10x Rule

If you know me, you know that I do not read. However, I love love love to listen to books on Audible by Amazon (I’ve actually become an ambassador)! This month, I listened to The 10x Theory by Grant Cardone. It’s books like these where I can find the support I need to become a better consultant and leader.

By surrounding myself with other leaders like Grant, I’m reminded of a few things that are core to succeeding, growing and learning as an entrepreneur. In summary, here are the points I loved from The 10x Theory:

Success has nothing to do with your demographics, economic situation, or education. It is more about life experiences, your drive, your passion and who you surround yourself with. Most people will use excuses, but excuses only hinder success. On the other hand, successful people view “hindrances” as an opportunity.

One thing that stood out to me is that you will never learn or grow if you don’t take risks; you just have to say yes and figure it out later. This mindset is super important. A challenge is like putting gas in your car; it’s giving you fuel! Successful people learn to always put something on the line and take risks to get the return they want.

Another point of emphasis in the book that Cardone shares is, when presented with a challenge, make sure you have somewhat of a solution before responding to the challenge. To clarify, I’ve learned that saying “we’ll provide a solution” is wayyy better than saying “I have no clue.” It’s always best to let the client know that you’ll take care of it.

I’m sure you get tired of hearing complaints from clients, but we can use these situations as opportunities for growth. I’ve learned that some people are defensive and love to always be right, but I’ve also come to know that you can’t succeed without the adequate amount of difficulty.

For those of us who are planners and creative designers, it is pretty automatic for us to think of our solutions when facing obstacles without even knowing we’re doing it. However, I’ve found that not everyone thinks like we do, and I can’t expect everyone to think in such a way. This is great to keep in mind when growing your team!

Often times, our vendors will tell you that I have quite grand expectations. However, in the eyes of the clients I work with, nothing is unimaginable or too grand. A huge step to reaching clients’ expectations and my personal goals is to demonstrate this kind of big creativity, making everything we do unique. Success never gets caught up in the limitations.

This article was written by Lauren Ringo

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