7 Secrets Of Sisterhood – Polita Boyde

7 Secrets Of Sisterhood – Polita Boyde

I'm so excited to share this book that my good friend Polita Boyce is featured in. Seven Secrets of Sisterhood features seven stories of seven amazing women from different walks of life who share their stories of what it takes to build and cultivate a true sisterhood. With topics such as jealousy, miscommunication, life changes and even drug abuse. These women share their hearts on the pages of this book so that the reader will know that true sisterhood is indeed possible. We pray that the stories in this book inspire you to find and nurture your own sisterhood.. Click HERE to get your copy! 

Get ready for all the stories that have gotten these women to where they are today and have inspired others to take the challenge and dive into achieving their dreams! Click HERE to get your copy! 


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