79 Proven Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business and Increase ROIs

Now that the holiday season is over and you have begun working toward reaching your New Year’s resolutions comes the time to set yourself up for success in 2016.

Over the last few years, one of the biggest realizations for me has been that when we look for the “best” ways to get our job done, we need to constantly think in regards of ROI. It makes sense to think like that, but how many of us actually consider ROI on everything we do?

With that in mind, here are what we like to call a collection of tools to grow your online business, from social media management, Instagram, forms, market research, SEO and so much more. Some of the tools are a given, while others will be new to you. Some have free plans and some don’t. When reading this list of 79 digital marketing took to grow your business and increase ROIS, keep in mind that finding free tools is not the goal, rather to find ones that are worth your time and energy. Hopefully, you won’t end up like these guys.

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