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When I get questions from our audience, I like to take the time and share it, so others can learn from it; these are questions I got from a client that went through one of my online programs.  If she is thinking these questions, I know that others are thinking them to!
“I’m sure you hear this all the time but you are simply amazing. 😍 I’m in awe of what you have created.
I revised the contract to put my company info so I think that part is good now. Thank you so much for that. What I’m feeling a little nervous about is the ceremony, seating chart, floor layout and also how to start the planning portion with budgeting.
*For the ceremony, is it traditional for the brides side of the family to sit on the left all the time or is it ok not to do that?
*For the budgeting – do you recommend an online program to plug in all the costs to help a bride do the budgeting? I’m not very good at math…so this part scares me but I know once I learn this part it will become easier.
*Is there a special program you recommend to design the floor layout without getting too technical to start?
*Is there a specific way to do a seating chart that you recommend?
*Do you recommend allowing changes to big parts of the event like design, chair style, etc in the days leading up to the wedding? I’m hoping to have a hard deadline for big changes. I’m hoping to avoid unnecessary headaches. I see what happens to the overall stress when changes are allowed so close to the wedding date.
*Another worry of mine is the weather. We live in Hawaii where most weddings take place outdoors. Some planners allow the bride to wait until an hour before start time to make the decision. I don’t believe that is right. I’m a vendor with a company that needs 3-4 hours of set up. Would it be improper for me to say 12 noon is when we make the weather call? These planners leave it in the hands of the bride and I find myself biting my nails, terrified of rain getting on our equipment and even more worried about the liability- if it starts to rain and I say let’s move indoors and then it stops——- do you have a recommendation for this? It’s a constant struggle. I don’t want to be sued bc of the weather situation.
*Do you have a day of coordination checklist for the planner as well as a brides checklist that I could buy or download?
*Do you have a full service coordination checklist I could buy or download for both planner and bride?
*What do you recommend is the first thing to work on for planner and bride for day of?
*How far out before the wedding should a bride send out RSVPS? When should they be requested to be returned?
*I am still struggling with what to charge; I’m being told literally on a daily basis that this is what I should do. This is been happening for over 5 years now. I had to jump in and start coordinating bc of the lack of communication and mistakes that kept happening at weddings due to incompetence. I’m so sorry to say that, I feel really bad and I hope that doesn’t come off in the wrong way but these ladies only focus on decor and get paid for planning when they don’t actually do it or do it but don’t follow through on the day of. Any insight?
*I’ve met with several caterers, photographers, DJ’s and I have a bunch of more meetings coming up. I’ve asked every single vendor so far what their biggest frustration is and what I can do to make their lives easier so they can do their best job at these weddings. They all say communication and sticking to the timeline. I can do both of those confidently and efficiently but I am going to need an assistant. Can you tell me what the going rate is for one? I have no idea what to pay.
*Do you think 2 million is good enough for liability insurance?
*Is there anything else that you recommend for learning how to do budgeting? I’m not comfortable taking anyone’s credit card yet – so I’m going to have the clients pay each vendor direct.
You are such a huge blessing.  I have a goal to bring you to Hawaii to do a workshop for everyone here.
Thank you so much for your time Angela. I sincerely value your expertise and your time.
You can watch my answers here on video: 

She got additional coaching and here is what came next; more details…
I can’t even begin to thank you. I understand the value of your time and I love the videos and the way you share the answers. I think it’s awesome. I realize I do want more one on one training if that’s possible, so I can continue my education . I do better when I have direct communication and honestly don't want to learn from anyone else but you. Going over the AMAZING information you have put together, these are my additional questions; thank you SO SO SO MUCH. Please read my last fb message if you haven’t yet 💛💛 😘😘
*What is the difference between an attendant and a guest listed under budget?
*What is an escort card vs a name card for dinner?
*How much time do you spend in the initial consultation without giving them too much information?
*How can you let a client know ahead of time before meeting that you are expensive and worth your value?
*Since I don't have a design person and it's just me – I contacted a design company that we see a lot around at weddings who I really like. She offered me a 15% design investment fee if I get the client to pay me upfront the gross and pay her the net. I might get stuck with a big tax bill but was hoping you know a way around that. Please – any help would be appreciated.
*Is there a day of coordination checklist just like the full service planning checklist that starts 30 days out?

I finalized the contract and I met all my monthly goals! I sat down yesterday to make my next month goals list which includes starting my training 1 hour a day with your program. I feel like the opportunity of the combination of the two companies can really change our lives. 🙏🏻 I met with a friend who owns an amazing design/rental company and asked her if she’d be willing to be my designer. She not only said yes but offered me 15%!! I couldn’t believe it. Things are really falling into place.

I’m nervous but I’m so excited. You’re the only one I can really talk to about what I need help with. I don’t have a team yet but I do have a girl willing to work with me as an assistant on the day of. I have all my ducks getting lined up 🙂  It's happening!
-Private Coaching ClientIf you need help with coaching, let's chat and get your questions answered today!

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