Autumn & Scott at Graystone Quarry

Angela and Alison,

You are both incredible. We feel beyond blessed to have worked with you and your team for the happiest, most important and absolutely surreal weekend of our lives. Not only did you PERFECTLY capture our vision and desires for two beautiful events, but you made something incredibly complex with 1,000 moving parts look seamless and feel simple and easy. We are blown away by the two of you, your staff, your professionalism, your creativity, and your beautiful smiles and spirit when you are working your asses off!!!

We have received countless compliments on not just the beauty of the events, but the planning, logistics, and coordination- all things that are way beyond our control as a couple and entirely a result of your hard work and preparation.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We cannot communicate our gratitude and appreciation for making this dream come true. Please know we will sing your praises from the rooftops.
You will forever have a special place in our hearts.

The Zuckermans

Thank you for the fabulous job that you all did. Everything went so smoothly!! I especially thank you Alison for holding those dogs during the “first look.” Wouldn't that have been catastrophic! You saved the day! Thank you for making Scott and Autumn's day just as they dreamed! I was also surprised by the extra touch of the wedding flowers at the Sunday brunch. Amazing!

Mother of the Bride

Photo: Details Nashville

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