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25 Jun

Training: How to Consistently Create Content that Captivates Clients

Did you attend my training in May 2021: How to Consistently Create Content that Captivates Clients - Without Letting Social Media Take Over Your Life. It was so awesome y'all, this group of friends attended virtually together and I love getting feedback like this!

**So Many Great Tips! I am gonna watch some of it again on replay

**I love writing down the most asked question people have and planning to address them with content.

**Me too. Learned a lot. Mostly about myself and changes I need to make!

**Yes great things learned tonight. I really liked how she broke down blocking out time. I needed to hear all of this!

**Seriously guys. She DOES talk a lot lol! But I have worked very close with Angela for YEARS and she really knows what she's doing! She did NOT ask me to refer this. i saw that she was doing it and after talking with some of y'all last weekend, I just knew you could benefit from her expertise! I have called her my Yoda for years. Being around her you cannot help but soak up what she teaches or shares.

18 Jun

Speaking: WeARE – Community Conversations

Recently I had the opportunity to speak for the WeARE Community via Zoom all about how to GSD, and I love getting feedback like this!

Thank you Angela! You did an AMAZING job with our WeARE group and offered such GREAT tidbits of wisdom. I can't thank you enough for being who you are and inspiring women to be creative and "Get Shit Done!"

Sincerely, Amy

11 Jun

Speaking: Junior League of Nashville – How to Time Block

Recently I got the opportunity to speak for the Junior League of Nashville via Zoom all about Time Blocking and Productivity, and I love getting feedback like this!

Your session was fantastic! We loved your message and the reminders were key. I work in Training and Communications during the day at Warby Parker, and you were speaking to my heart. I time block already and I put everything on my calendar.  If it isn't on my calendar, I'm not going!  Thank you again for your time and insights. If we can help or do anything for you in the future, please let us know—we're just an email away!

Karen and Emmy

21 May

Great Post – iOS Update Tips

I recently came across your recent post - 24 Sep iOS 14 Tips & Tricks – How to Use the Latest iPhone Update and wanted to reach out to you just to say that I think it is great! 

Nowadays there is so much negativity around us and we don't stop to appreciate creators nearly enough. Angela Proffitt is great and I am sure it will get even more people following! 

Well done!
16 Apr

Coaching: With Excite”Mint”

Such a beautiful message from Bridget West, Owner of Mint Events, LLC. We're so excited to see where all Bridget's business adventures take her!

am so excited to write you this email! Looks like you are doing GREAT and BIG things!  I am so proud of you!  It has been so long since we met in Nashville many years ago but you were truly my inspiration to start my business and I would not be where I am today without meeting you!  It was only a short exhibit but those 2 days of working side by side together changed my life forever.  

With Excite”Mint”,
Bridget West
Owner | Mint Events, LLC

09 Apr

Content Creation for Nashville’s Top Real Estate Agent

We recently worked with Deborah to create content and a strategy for her personal branding! Deborah is an amazing real estate agent in Nashville, TN and it's been such a joy to work with her!

Angela, Amanda, Hannah, and Amaliko,

Thank you all so much for an amazing production content day! You all are true professionals and were so on top of all the details all
day long. I could see you all working and typing and taking notes and keywords, etc.. 

Angela–you truly have a gift! Thank you for guiding me through those videos today!

The City Living Group | Realtor

04 Sep

Speaking Rave from Productivity Talk

Recently I got the opportunity to speak for the Engaging Speakers group via Zoom all about Freeing Your Time & Success Will Follow, and I love getting feedback like this:) Hi Angela, I am so happy that I was able to attend the Engaging Speakers event today and hear your presentation.  WOW!  You are one..

12 Aug

Speaking on How to Master Communication

Love getting emails back when speaking to a completely new industry!  Goes to prove that these communication methodologies work in every industry.  Anyone can apply these four colors! Here was some feedback from Rifco National Auto Finance: “Hi Angela, Everyone loves the energy you had, it was also exactly what they needed. The feedback we..

05 Aug

Podcast Listener Shares Experience

I love getting emails like this; it is why I want to create podcast episodes to help our industry. Here are Susan's thoughts: Hi Angela, Thank you again for another wonderful and informative Podcast episode! I look forward to them each week. Yesterday, your guest said something that really caught my attention. He had all these..

27 Jul

Consulting Rave: Making Connections

Love getting sweet emails like this: Hello Angela, I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your day on Thursday to talk with me. You gave me so much useful information to look into in my area and how to advance in the event industry. I also wanted to let you know..