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May of 2010 completely changed my life. And no, I didn’t meet Reese Witherspoon, at least not yet. That year, Nashville, TN experienced a flood that encompassed the city in 51.86 ft of water. Yes, Lily & Pepe are ok, but many of my friends, family and business pals lost everything they had. Personally and professionally. Their cars floated away. Their box trucks floated away.


And while most of these things were just materials, the loss and the broken spirits from this traumatic experience is something I will never forget. This story could easily end here, but my friend, this is only the beginning.


There’s something about Nashvillians. Maybe it’s the extra sweet tea, the unlimited supply of cowboy boots, or just good southern hospitality, but we were made to thrive. There’s a reason why I’m called the Productivity Guru. Mostly because I thoroughly enjoy learning new apps, but also because it was/is necessary.  Be sure to listen in on how “the cloud” saved my business and how it could save yours too.


I see you, you’re amazing, now let’s rock this business world together,




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