BizTok – The In’s and Out’s of TikTok Entrepreneurship

BizTok – The In's and Out's of TikTok Entrepreneurship

I am so excited to have been a guest on BizTok with Kyle Kaplanis! You know that app Tiktok? Well over quarantine I fell in love with it and maybe became a little obsessed! Can you relate? I am in awe and inspired by the creativity Tiktok has brought to the social media space. Did you know that TikTok can be used as a great tool for your business? Tune in while Kyle and I discuss my entrepreneur journey through TikTok and the lessons and strategies I have learned along the way!

Key Takeaways:

  • How I went from managing my nieces account to launching my own TikTok

  • How TikTok is a great way to learn and create marketing video's for your brand

  • How TikTok has taught me how to be more Powerful in just 15 seconds

  • How I got my first TikTok brand deal with only 5k followers

  • Why I am using a second account for consuming


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