Podcast Listener Shares Experience

I love getting emails like this; it is why I want to create podcast episodes to help our industry. Here are Susan's thoughts:

Hi Angela,
Thank you again for another wonderful and informative Podcast episode! I look forward to them each week. Yesterday, your guest said something that really caught my attention. He had all these facts and figures about the market in his area of CA. I got to thinking, I have no idea about our area!  Granted I live in small town where a barn wedding is about your ONLY choice but what are the numbers in the larger cities around me and in my state overall.  Your guest was amazing and spouting off all these facts and figures from his area, Napa and the San Francisco area.  Where do we find this info for our area is what I was thinking as I was listening.  Recently I was trying to research this industry and ran into some rude business owners. Then I run across people like you! You are a true professional  Angela, I admire that want to educate others in the creative industry and spend so much time giving valuable information out to all.
Thanks again for all you do!
Susan T.

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