Claire & Mitch at Schermerhorn Symphony Center


Photo Credit: Dove Wedding Photography


You made our wedding day so special. It was absolutely stunning, exactly what I had envisioned, and was just the best day of my life. You have such a talent and gift that Mitch and I, as well as every guest, was just blown away.  Thank you for all of your hard work. We feel so blessed to have had you help us along the way & you're just beyond beautiful inside and out!  All the best to you and hopefully we will run into you around Nashville when we move back!
Claire Dalton

What can we say, but a simple huge THANK YOU!!! It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to, people will be talking about it for the rest of our lives. My in box was flooded with messages. Every detail was taken care of and the calm, sweet way that you do it made everyone relax.

I loved the rehearsal dinner. You did everything I wanted and MORE!

I hope you get a vacation soon. You and your Alison are a great team and I will miss working with you, but just know that I will always consider you my friends!!!


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