Coronavirus COVID-19 Resources for Entrepreneurs

GSD Leaders Listen UP!!  As a leader and business owner, I have spend some time to put together some resources that have been provided to me by EO members and other entrepreneurs that I wholeheartedly trust. My perspective is to do the right thing as a leader.  I want to encourage you to consider the right thing to do in the interest of making a contribution of tackling COVID-19 in our communities. Since I am not a huge fan of reading, I am trying to make this easy to digest.  I have taken the time to educate myself on how to handle this pandemic and I really encourage you to do the same:) 

The obvious things:
Wash your hands, like ALOT
Don’t touch your face
Don’t shake hands or hug others
Eat a healthy diet and make sure you know where your meat is coming from
Get enough sleep, at least 8 hours
Don't drink alcohol

The media has revealed:
What they want you to know
Events and conferences are canceling
Italy locks down
President Trump puts a travel ban in place

Our healthcare system:
They are overwhelmed
There is not enough tests available, so many people may have this and not know
Many will not get the treatment they need due to this distracting virus

Helpful Podcast:
Here is a helpful podcast I have listened to have there are great takeaways. This podcast is with Joe Rogan and Michael Osterholm, who calls himself a “Medical Detective”.

Here are a few of my takeaways: 

-This is not to be taken lightly
-Hospitals will be overwhelmed and will have to make a decision who lives and who dies.
-This is not just an “old persons” disease.
-Transmission is just by breathing.
-A study in Germany was just done on 3.9.20 people that wore masks & gloves were still infected in working in a factory
-Avoid large public spaces
-There will not be a vaccine anytime soon
-Closing schools? Is that smart? What about child care of physicians & nurses that have to work?
Do not get on a cruise ship
-This is a wakeup call for the business community
-A hot sauna is not going to kill the virus, that is a myth and is bullshit
-Masks are not as effective as we think unless you are actually sick

Helpful Graph to monitor:
Here is a helpful graph that is monitoring total confirmed cases.  This picture was captured 3.14.20 at 10am and you can view it live here : Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)


Dynamics of Epidemics:
Now, I am not a huge numbers person, but in trying to understand how serious the Coronavirus COVID-19, is going to impact our economy, here is a study behind the math of the epidemics, they look on takeoff, but actually follow logistic curves that are sensitive to some social dynamics that we can actively control. I want to share this video by 3Blue1Brown; please watch and share!

There are more resources to come as I get thru all of the information that has been shared with me! Stay healthy GSD Leaders!


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