Coronavirus Myths Spreading Faster than the Virus

What's Up GSD Leaders! This virus taking over our lives and businesses is what's up.  I don't know where you turn to get your “facts” and information form, but the media is not doing much to help our economy.  One source I am SO thankful for is the EO slack channel that is putting together REAL facts for business owners and leaders.

One person I am following is Dr. Chris Centeno, who is the founder of Regenxx.  Now why is this guy any different?  Well, he has sone alot of research on stem cells, and if you know anything personal about me-stem cells have kept my little sister alive for the past five years as she has ALS.

So, he is usually ahead of what is really happening and what is going to come.  His blogs are too good not to share; loaded with the facts and data driven! Check out the latest ones:

Why I am NOT Concerned About the Coronavirus-Episode 1
He notes in this blog, NOT to cancel your trips and explains the FACTS

Coronavirus Myths Debunked-Episode 2
Seriously-the myths are spreading faster than the Virus!

Keep Calm and Carry On…-Episode 3

Interview by Dan Bongino and Dr. Centeno-Episode 4

We NEED to BEND the CURVE NOW-Episode 5

Regen Med COVID-19 Scams Abound-Episode 6
This gets interested with stem cells!

You get the point; follow this blog; good facts and information from this physician!

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