Creating an International Event Certification
  • August 11, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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This week on Business Unveiled, join me and my travel family members, Monica Balli and Brian Worley as we share IEC (International Event Certification). The aim of the certification is to create a proven professionality through international standards. Country Partners and Examiners with proven credibility and the highest professional standards from around the world.

The certification rules are strict, applicable to both the expected professional standards as well as the examination process and associated qualifying procedures. 

The power and strength of the certification, in its essence, lies within its Country Partners and its Apprenticeship Partners. Together with AJA Europe has been created the first certification with partners, valued and celebrated for both their professional and personal excellence.


  • What is the certification?
  • Who is certifiable?
  • Who are the country partners?


The 3 Core Values

How the exam works

How to get it


Bring your Dream to Life with Monica Balli – Destination Event Designer & Wedding Producer to the stars. A Caribbean Dream, an Italian dolcevita, or a sparkle in truly unique worldwide spots. No challenge is ever too big to create that one and only time. Just wonderful . Be active or just relax and Enjoy the Ride.


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Hi, y'all. It's Angela I'm back for another episode of business unveiled. Business unveiled in the bedroom it is business unveiled in that bed.

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In the bed, you're gonna be seen a lot of me in a bed coming up. Just wait. Because my whole new theme is wake up. It's time to wake up and it's your time to wake up. today. We are coming to you live from New Delhi, India. And I have Monica Bali here. And she is an amazing, amazing wedding planner from Florence Italy. And I met Monica like forever it seems like forever ago but really it was just like maybe four or five years. Yeah, I think four or five years ago not more than that depending on when you're listening to this, but I feel like she's been like my travel mom my whole life. I've been traveling my whole life I didn't even know travel really existed till I was like over 20 something years old. And over here we have Brian. Brian Worley is from Atlanta. Actually, he's from Texas, okay, Texas and beaten scootin boogie. And but he lives in LA for 20 plus 22 years, like, oh, well over two decades and did all kinds of amazing, amazing events, just google him and click images. And then he wanted to settle down a little bit more. And he moved to Atlanta to my side of the city. Not really, I mean, it's like three hours for me. It's way closer than LA. And he's been there for a couple years doing events. And Brian is my travel husband, and thanks to Monica. We have this amazing relationship and we love traveling together. And that's my story. And we'll share more with you. But we are here today because we have a really important announcement for the hospitality industry that's going to be life changing. Because we all know that. You can't learn this stuff from a book. Okay? It comes with a lot of experience. And for those of you who are wedding planners or event planners, you want to do destination weddings. This is kind of the group to like get in with because they know people all over the world and it's all about relationships. And with the power of the positive side of social media, we can connect and stay connected to people and that's what we're going to be talking about today. Yeah.
Okay, so first, we're going to Well, let's take a 60 seconds and please anyone who's listening or watching if you don't know who Monica barley is, tell them who Monica barley is in 60 seconds. 60 seconds. Well Monica barley is a planner based in Tuscany, Italy with over two decades
of the destination weddings in Italy and the whole Mediterranean mostly. We love to travel our passion is having fun, and I'm a big networker, so my travel family we can say but also my networking, family and business.
Networking is all over the globe we can say. I have two things in life which are walking with my head up high everywhere I go and sleeping on two pillows, although I do love to take fun
things for events and challenges.
I'm done with my sister.
And honey, tell them who you are 60 seconds and we're sharing a microphone. Okay. My name is Brian Worley. As Angela said, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, have been producing and designing events for over two decades like Monica but let's I know
we're hitting that age range for a while. So as Angela
as Angel also said that comes with experience and through experience and what the three of us have done brings us to this podcast I think and what we're about to embark on the rest of you guys so that you guys can learn
but I love to try
I've all I love being creative and doing events, which is that creative outlet that I've loved for, as I said over two decades, and I think that this is a great opportunity for our knowledge to be put into a space where we've done the homework, and we can impart that knowledge to other people. So what we're here to talk about today is called something I II see international event certification. Now wait, before you think of certification. Just hear us out, because this is different. And we're going to tell you why. But first, Monica, tell us who started IEC give us a little backstory. So the backstory is, it's actually very easy. It's just some that something that, you know, we were talking about our travel family, how we meet at conferences, how we go to fam trips, how we just go and meet each other, or how we work together with many of us internationally. What happened is that this is something that we always thought of that we always spoke about, you know, thinking that there is no actual real certification that can, you know, can hold all of us together. So that is really how it was born, just talking around a dinner at a table, and then little by little scouting the different options until we found this fantastic opportunity to create a certification. And remember, not a course it's a certification. That is global, first of all, because yes, this is the big thing is that it's not just for one country or another country, we're talking about the world. And it's the only certification that is performed professionals and is validated by a third party certifier. So we are not certifying, you know, we are not the certifying saying you're gonna get a stamp from Monica barley or Angela Proffitt, or Brian Worley. No. We have a third party certifier that is globally renowned called Aja Europe. And they are the certifiers. What we do is, we are country partner examiners. So the particularity is that your examiner's are actually pros of the industry globally. So that's, you know, a big thing and they have good expectations and high expectations when we do exams. Yes, Angela?
Patients perfection because you only get one shot. Exactly. But you know, this whole thing has been studied for over two years. So it's not something that was born out of the blue in two seconds. And being global, we had to first of all follow all of AJ A's rules which trust me, there are quite a few. And second of all, we had to create everything in such an objective way. So that every country every examiner every country partner, every candidate would have the same chance as be judged exactly the same in order to be
validation or we can say in order to be like real and also honest towards everybody.
I have a question or Monica, I thought that would be very important is AJ, what does it stand for? And how take us back to AJ because I think they're the foundation of being a third party certifier. So I think that it's important to understand who they are and why they give credit ation and validation to this and we are not talking I'm just clarifying about amazing Asha price
is one of our dear friends and amazing GSD leaders. We're not talking about Asha Aja is a completely different thing. So some clarify that because if you've been around me a long time you might be thinking is something she started she started some coolship and not this man I know so the name of the certifier is actually AJ a Europe and this is their name. They are certifiers of for professional
businesses, professional professional entities we can say. So people, not companies. And they are actually certifiers. This means that these are companies that are checked in each of the countries where they are operating by other entities who give the permit to certify. So you know whenever I call them I can tell you that over 300 days a year they have people in checking their status as certifiers because in each country there is actually different certifiers they need to be affiliated to in order to operate in that country and be
recognized to be operational and validated by that country. So this is what Aja is. And they're over in over like 20 countries with offices open. But they are actually globally valid. And they have been validated by a big number of validators internationally. So that's what you know, we have at the moment, so it's a big deal. So just to be clear, do we know the difference between examiner and apprenticeship?
Well, I guess so. But here it is. The examiners are professionals with proven.
Businesses proven ethics proven. They know how to do their job in the different specializations that we carry for the certification, which is not in fact, only one, but there's multiple,
and they are actually professionals, high end professionals. I mean, they're big names. We're not talking about like new cameras, that have been validated by Aja as examiner. So that means that you will have them as your examiner in front of you. They will be checking your exam, checking your books, checking, you know, twice, checking it twice, and even three times can you give it because you're gonna have the examiners and the apprentice, but can you take it back to how the process works, because I think that when you say that there's an examiner sitting in front of you, I think that might need a little clarification just so that they understand getting the certificate. Okay, so first of all,
the IEC is not a course. But as an exam, this means that we, as I see, are not telling you what course you need to do. It can be anything, but it can also be just your business life. If you have done this for years, and you have the experience, what we look for is experience and knowledge that comes from experience. So what happens is that you can apply for the exam, the everything is also online. And you can have all the information on the website, which is www dot international events And in order to access the exam, you need to create a folder following a point system, which simply tracks your bio your business, the way you work, and you can pick and choose. So to be honest with you doing the point system and the folder is pretty easy. So it makes it easy. And in order to apply, you have to have a minimum of 80 to a maximum of 100 points for the first specialization. But then if you want to ask for multiples, and you're going to find all the details of which are available on the website, you have to add in 50 points for each extra specialization asked then all of this is sent to the country partner examiner. So that's the person head of that destination. So depending Yes, exactly. Talking about the US you got these cute little faces over here and we would be your examiner, where you would be the examiners but there also might be others naturally. And we only have one golden rule which is no conflict of interest. So this means that the candidate and the examiners cannot by any means know each other and you're going to be signing a paper saying that you don't know them. Because that's the only way the exam can be invalidated. So no special treatment. Exactly the you know, the scope of everything is to is tried to be the most objective ever. In fact, all the evaluations are based on the objective
crit I mean, on the objective part of the business, part of the planning part part of the different specializations. I mean, if you love red roses, and I don't and I'm examining you doesn't really matter because you know, as long as you know how to put your schedule together your things together your event together, your design part, your food, and all the details that each planner must do and that we do every day. You're good. So I being admitted to the exam is not super hard. So I tell you the truth, but to do the exam, either you know how to do an event very well or it can be very, very tricky. Also because you need to aim passing the exam, not with the minimum because the minimum only gives you like a registration number and yes
part of the community. But if you pass the exam with an 85% and above, you are eligible for the apprenticeship program. So we were talking that we have apprenticeship. The apprenticeship partners are taught event planners and wedding planners from all over the globe. And we're talking about like, top top top notch. Okay, so imagine you want to learn,
you know, destination wedding, Indian weddings, well, that's actually why we're over here with all.
We were here for a conference. Exactly. So you know, you can learn how to do things traveling the world. So it's not something that you need to operate in your destination, it's not a piece of paper you need to work for, it's, if it's something that you need to have to be part of a new community that is rising, the scope of the whole certification is to create a brand of excellence in time that is visible at site. So that each client or each vendor each everybody, when you have that Ceylon can say yes, they know exactly what a luxury event is, or they know how to do this event, then it's up to them to see if you're a good fit, or you're not a good fit, but you do know the objective parts. So what a better, you know, way of not only working in our country, but being able to be exposed to new traditions, new cultures, new foods, I mean, there's a whole new world. And today, this whole thing is coming together really like destination weddings are bigger and bigger, and Baker. And we see somebody that's very happy about this.
So what a better experience to be the best because you've learned from the best and carry that over to your destination to your everyday life. And, you know, and enjoy life doing it, these apprenticeship partners are not people that you email or your call on the phone, and they will get you not at all.
So I think it's a great opportunity for us all. It really is. And so if you have questions, Monica is the global coordinator. And we will put her contact information in the show notes. And if you're wondering why Brian and I are sitting here with Monica, can you explain to them how well I think you already said it. It's an over 22 countries, exact I don't know if he necessarily said it, Brian and I represent us. And there is one more. We're missing Bob, Bob, Bob,
Bob, but it's a global community. And I think that that's where it's important to understand is that it's a like the spider web, I like to use that as my analogy where you are the spider in your spider web and the web is so big. And that's where I EC comes into play, because it's great for spreading that spider web networking, finding out the global community and all the people that do what we do experts in the field and they link us all together through that spider webs so that we can if you're doing a wedding, say in India, we've now met people we have part of this whole group that you can reach out to everything is vetted. And then you can also use this as part of your global directory for wherever you're going to do a wedding or an event. Is that a good way to Yeah, you can't just go on Google these days. And Google how to plan a wedding in another country. Like there's so many things to know. Like when when planners or interns are like, Can I climb into your suitcase to come to a private island wedding? It's not that easy. Like you have to think of so many things ahead of time. And if you don't work with someone who has that experience, and you want to take your company to the next level and start traveling, it's like Monica said, why not learn from the best? We've been there? We've done that we've pulled lots of magic tricks out of her decades of experience. over the world. No, it just three of us. Yeah, yeah. How many people Monica, would you say are in the core group at this point starting out because it just launched in February? Exactly. It just launched on 2022 February 2022. And at the moment, we have opened 22 countries with 20 examiner partners. And for the apprenticeship program at the moment, we have 80 partners and counting globally, really every day, so increasing and growing. And we're very, very happy about this. But if you're not from one of the countries that is open, that does not matter, because you simply need to call us and we'll arrange or email or email Absolutely. That's even easier. Oh, WhatsApp, technology WhatsApp, WhatsApp, Whatsapp.
Yeah, so actually, let's talk a little bit about the US because we've been all over the world in fact, front, and I've never seen each other in the United States.
So very random. Thanks to our tribal mom. Exactly right. And if you want to hear the backstory on Ratana, he actually like hated me in the beginning and we have a podcast. Oh, he strongly disliked me because he thought that I was like, a stuck up snot head with a stick up started. She just, you could not get a hold of she would not return your emails or phone calls. Because unless she had you go through Amanda, there's a process people. This is why it works. Yeah. But there's also friendships that we didn't have yet.
And like, it's all good. It's like we've been together forever. Yeah.
Okay, so let's talk about America. Because America is the perception of certifications and awards. It's very different from Europe. It's very different from any other place that does luxury weddings that I've ever seen in the world. And so Americans, you know, you literally can watch a movie, the wedding planner, JLo, and then planning your own wedding or being your best friend's wedding or do your kid's birthday party really well. And then all of a sudden, you want to become a party planner, or a wedding planner. And listen, it happened to me too, okay. I mean, my family was in the wedding industry. My uncle had a wedding venue for like, 30 something years. But it's like, that all happens to us, we fall into it. We don't have to go to medical school, we don't have to do anything. In fact, you don't even have to have a Facebook page or put up a website. You can just be the neighborhood event planner. Right? But why not get paid for it? Why not get paid for your passion? Anyway? What was the point? You're talking about? Why it's important in America? Oh, that's right. So vacation, Monica Zoo. Other places. Monica had a really great point. Thank you.
That brings Americans we need to view it differently. And when it comes to community and networking, and I will say what really catapulted my career was in 2010. And I was doing a wedding for someone who had just gotten off of American Idol. She was a Nashville singer. And we planned this whole wedding to this whole TV show. And a month before that, she's like, I want to go to Providence, where no one knows who I am, like, I'm tired of this bullshit. And so we did. And in my head, I'm like, What's a private island, like I didn't even know that existed. But the reason I knew somebody is because I had just been to I think and engage conference, or a conference where I met other people. And so I just started emailing people saying, I have this client. Oh, and by the way, I couldn't tell him the name. So it was Mr. or Mrs. Nashville. So I was like, oh, it's kind of like a famous person and in country music, but I can't tell you who it is, if they wanted it, New Year's Eve, so but I didn't even know that stuff existed. But because I went to that conference, and because I invested in the conference. And because I made those connections, and I networked, I was able to find something and then going to that private island. It just completely changed my life and my perspective on everything. And each trip that we go on, when you say we always meet, tell them your analogy. You're my mom, always my tree is like,
no, no, no, no branches and leaves. You always take away for No, no, no. So my mom told me when I was a kid that when you grow up or in life, you have four or five best friends and everyone else is an acquaintance. Well, every time I go on a trip, every time I go somewhere, I always try to find those four or five people that are significant. They may not be your best friend, but everyone else is an acquaintance. And those are the people that you focus on. Like when we met, we became friends. She became a part of that tree. So your tree is the trunk, you are the trunk and then the branches, and it escalates from there. Yes. So anyways, that's that. Okay, let's go back to the questions.
The point is, is the community matters. It's literally everything. And so it's not just about this exam, or the certification, but we're always trying to do better if you are an entrepreneur and a go getter and a creator, you know, you're freaking perfectionist, and you know, you always want to try to do better. And if you get comfortable, you're never going to continue to grow, because then you're going to be stuck. Well, that's different. But I think that it's also networking and networking is the fundamental core of doing business, whatever business you're in, and especially in our business, it's networking, and this certification gives you a global network that is very impressive. You're dealing with the best people the best of the best. And, you know, that's where I think it's important for especially Americans where anyone can be a wedding planner, anyone can be a party planner, without having any training or anything like that where it is, in other parts of the globe is very important to have these things. So I think that that is where you have to look at it differently. And you have to do use kind of a different perspective than just like, oh, we can just do a wedding here and a wedding there or whatever. It's it's taking it a step.
further. So travel mom, travel. How do you? How do you feel? Did we recap that? Well, because you said it so perfectly the other day. I think we recapped it well, and if somebody has some questions, we're all here to answer. But the important thing is that I think is, you know, today, if you are lucky enough to do a job that makes you happy, and makes you wake up in the morning, excited by the day ahead of you, you know, this is something that will even make it better because the, you know, getting a good excuse to grow a good excuse to travel, you know, even to challenge yourself, but learn about new things that are happening globally, you know, you're never going to be the best, we're never going to be the best. Each time we work and each time we grow, and each time we learn something to put in the next thing we're going to be doing. And that's also the fun of the journey, anything.
Life's a journey. Okay, so
well, and also to I will say you really gain access to a lot of information that, again, you wouldn't have information such as what automation tools are coming out and what is coming out in virtual reality. And what is the metaverse and it's not that you only need to know about these tools for your business. But you need to know about these tools, because they're coming, you don't have to adapt and you don't have to adopt. But it's just good to know these things. Otherwise, if you don't go with the flow and grow your business is going to die out to be stagnant, stagnant, stagnant.
So if anyone wants to get involved, if you're watching this or listening to this, and we'll put the links in the show notes. But Monica, how can they get information about this? The easiest part is to go on the website, you will see you will get some information on the website, then you will need to register in order to access all information which is on the second level of the webpage. And there once you decide to start you have all the information on how it works, who the people are, who the apprenticeship partners are, who the examiners who the countries open, or in case you just wats up us or email us and we'll be happy to help you out. There it is what's happening again, what's happening again, I was not used in the US a lot but trust me the rest of the world uses it. We're very proficient in it. Yeah, we're learning new things every day like about the blue checkmarks. Yes. And anyway. Okay, so there was one more thing. Oh my gosh, you guys there is this amazing tool that Monica has created and we're going to talk about that on a different podcast. But really quickly, we're going to do something really fun.
Honey, can you hit me those deck of cards?
Do this when we did mind. I know this is new. She always has something new.
Okay, so what we're gonna do, we're gonna pick a card. And I'm going to you're going to pick a card and then I'm going to ask you a question.
And this is just fun. Okay, Monica. Monica. Ladies first
for where we are right now you guys
me is because of where we are. Okay, we will have an off if you get grossed out just fast forward us for a moment because I'm just gonna be real with you like my butthole feels like it has been ripped out of my
in the food here. The food was amazing but the spices which is very harsh. Okay, so Monica Bali the color that you chose of all the guards? When was the most embarrassing time that you pass gas
fast? Yeah. Yeah. Party Friday
to my travel mom who gave me fart pills the other day. Okay, because y'all got food poisoning. I got so sick and my it was black
or black with the poop was black to no one wants to know that. Okay, but listen, I'm just being real here. If you have black poop, you're not dying. Okay, can you think of one? Okay, I think one.
I think that's like, that's a hard one. Oh, I know exactly. When my mind was well, there was once I don't remember when I mean Oh, where I just know that I really really had to go to the bathroom and you know, and all of a sudden
It just came out
they always say who smelted Delta?
I just went like
it my most embarrassing. Do you know your residency? No. I mean, I think that it's just I think it's universally like you're just somewhere where you're in a group of people, and then all of a sudden you're like, oh my god, oh my god.
And then you're like, you just have to.
I've done it where you like, let it go. And then you walk out.
When you walk, and you just walk fast.
Yeah, you're like, Why me? You leave it there. Okay.
Okay, so this is actually recently so this is why this is so funny to me.
It was not funny, but thank God, the person I was with, like, we're just alike, so, but I think he was a bit concerned. But we were at a restaurant and kinda like on a date. And in some country, looking at water, beautiful water. It was so pretty, and the wind was great. And I choked. So I took a drink of my drink that was really effing strong. And when I swallowed it, it's like a seed came out and went down my throat and like, I choked, and when I like, tried to like, cough it up. It's like, it came out the front and it came out with the bat.
It was like in my head, and I looked at it was like, I think I just shouldn't
it's like last season, say, right? So I'm like,
a white dress
free have picked out for us in Turkey. And I was like, Oh my God. And I did have like
a jean jacket because it was kind of chilly. And I like slowly get up and like rapid
but it nothing came out. Luckily, like when I got to the bathroom.
It was so bad. And then just like a few nights ago, y'all I couldn't make it to the bathroom. So the most handy thing in in actually all Europe, I think and in India is the sprayer things that they install in your bathroom next to the toilet. And it's like hard pressure. Yeah, it's like a frickin hose for your birthday. hos birthday. Okay, anyway, now we're gonna move on to Brian's question here. Hold your microphone.
Oh my god. This is funny. Okay, Brian, when was the last time you told a lie?
Oh my gosh, I probably told a lie today.
I probably told the light of day when we were with the
tour guide in India. And I was like, Yeah, I want to keep going. And I didn't.
Whatever. Especially when, whenever he says, girls, whatever you want. That means? Give me the FL. That's it. That's a translation. Give me the F out right. Okay. When was the last time you told a lot Monica.
I told the lie. I don't really tell lies. I tell half truths. Same thing. When was it today?
So you moms out there when your kids telling you something? Are you gonna say just tell me the half truth. I just wanna know half of the stories and for Angela to answer. Yeah.
So say Quan people.
And I haven't seen any of these cards.
The ones we used to be throw out. This one is like not even a good this is not even a good question for I know, because they're this she'll be like, what is the most embarrassing music that you like to listen to?
Nothing embarrassed is her that's the thing. She will dance in the middle of anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, any kind of music. Okay, well, I'm gonna take the question a step further. And it's not that I am embarrassed of trap rap music. But when I'm around other people and I'm playing trap rap music, it embarrasses other people. Like trap music. It's like rap music. But like trap music is like even more like rap. You're choppier. It usually is a lot more. That's a huge explanation.
And the lyrics are disgusting. And
I don't know but like I just liked the beats Okay. However, it's
Some of these rappers I wonder if they're talking about Kuma Sutro, was that the word Gam was Zeus Kama Sutra, which do know what that means. Like I googled the word and then I like a whole nother podcast, the images. There's that too tantric SEC like, there's just all these things that is supposed to be an art. What'd she say? It's the art of loving and Tasha. Yes. And because busy Americans are too busy to be passionate.
We need to teach a course on it. So coming soon. What is the most trouble that you ever got into at home with your parents? Oh, my I was 15 years old and I stole my mom's car and then I wrecked it.
My mom's car. I didn't even have a driver's license.
Oh my God. Is she going to jail? No. Well, here's the thing. I took my mom's car so that I wouldn't picked up my sister's friend. So that my good brother, he's so blue. And when I was backing out of the driveway, I I hit a tree.
He was so nervous. I was so nervous. To pee your pants. I didn't pay my pants. But I was 15 years old. I was scared. I was like, I mean, my sister and I tried to come up with every excuse possible of how this debt like we were like, We just moved the car. We were gonna wash it for you. And then we ended up just telling you this is before Irene cameras. Yeah, I mean, but that was just if this ever happens, like now going forward, just tell the truth. Hannah Vickers who hits parked cars, and then I get the ring footage. And then this whole lives the best thing is telling the truth. Exactly.
We I tried to move her car and just hit a rock. I mean,
it was all getting just bumped into me this whole excuse or lie about how we moved the car. And that's why it had a dent in the back. Man is quick. So I snuck out I was a senior in high school to go to my boyfriend's and I had a beeper. And I got a beep at like 420 or four around that time in the morning. And it was my my home number and I'm like my father's going to beat the living shit out of me. And he wouldn't even like pull on my road I lived on like on a court court like a cul de sac. And he's like, Oh, you get out. And so I was just like, you know, had my butt like, clenched, you know, like, I knew I'm gonna get beat the shit out a week.
But oh, my God, I have anyway, yeah, all week in India. And so I'm
so bad. Anyway, I walk in and my dad is sitting on the steps. Like when you walk right in the front door, just close your eyes and picture your father sitting on the steps. And he said, Angela, if there was a fire and the house burnt down, and I went back in to save you because I didn't see you outside and I died. How would you feel or something to the effect like that? And I was like, he goes at least leave a fucking post it note, because our family communicated and posted note Yeah, that he might have and he didn't touch me and I never snuck out. Again, I did leave a post it note if we wanted to go to Waffle House just randomly three and four in the morning. And I didn't go crazy. batshit crazy in college, like a lot of my friends did because my parents were a little bit more lenient, and they trusted me and because I was in sports and I cared about things like that. I was really a good a good kid. Stubborn. But good. Monica, what about you? What is the worst time you got in trouble with your parents? To be honest with you? I never really got in trouble. She's an angel. I'm an angel. Yeah, really? Because we were the angels here in India. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. Very exotic, exotic.
You know, I have this thing that I always tell the truth. And, you know, I just put it up front. I don't sneak is that Italian cultural thing? Or is that just like your parents bringing you up like that? No, my parents saw, you know, my mom and my dad were divorced. And my mom always told me, You know what anything it is just tell me because if I know, I can, you know, help, not only I can help, but I can help you. But also I can, whatever somebody tells you. Because, you know, in Italy, when they got divorced, everybody was judgmental, and all of that. She says, but if I know I'm okay. And I can reply to whatever is said to me. And so that made it comfortable. And so that's how, you know, I also taught my child just tell me everything. We'll talk about it just to make you safe and know what's going on. You know, it's just simple, and
it just makes it easier. Yeah. When you tell the truth, it just makes life so much simpler. And if you find yourself having to lie to people about things they don't need to be in your life. Like that's not the right people. And like you find your people and guess what, as your life changes, and as you gain life experience, your people may change. We were just talking about that last night that like we came in to each other so we're
Talking about us and I wrote years burnin. We were like, if it wasn't for Monica, like I wouldn't have met the love of my life traveling, and then my love of my life Loverboy right. So we engaged to
be engaged in six months, right? We're ready. We're ready for the invitation. We bought saris today. Exactly, but we're ready to go back.
Oh, no, no, it's too it's too soon guys, but I do know because my astrologist said it was gonna be magical. And we're gonna do magical things together. And we really are even magic. And we have podcasts coming up too. So you guys are gonna get some BTS behind the scenes. So thanks for hanging out in our hotel room in New Delhi, India. And we're signing off
check out I, II see.
By peace. Wait, how do they say good bye, India. Say.
Good job, guys. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show. And leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights. And I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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