Destination Wedding Peanuts

I am so excited to be coming back to Rome, Italy at the end of November for the Destination Wedding Peanuts Experience! Each of us has it in us to be a peanut! This name may seem funny, and that was the idea!

The reason behind this was to create something memorable. Why peanuts? It is a small, natural being which can be loved or hate, can create severe allergies or live with others for a lifetime. This means that this experience is not for all, it's for like minded people, it's private, it's small, it's top.

In today's weddings and events industry worldwide we have seen that networking and creating synergies is the future. The opportunity for attendees at Destination Wedding Peanuts is to meet and learn from international professionals who make a difference in our industry! If you are in town you are invited! Just email to register!

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