Down The Rabbit Hole Podcast

I am so excited to have been a guest on the The Rabbit Hole Podcast with Rob Turley! It's not that often that I meet someone who is as passionate about automation and technology as I am. When someone from Rob's company: White Rabbit Intel reached out to me about converting sales data into revenue, it got my attention! Rob is truly an expert in focusing on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and breaking down why having a CRM set-up correctly, can make or break your business. If you're in marketing and you don't know about his company, you're missing out. Because it's a complete game changer on linking together your CRM, your revenue projections, goals for your sales team to help your marketing team make decisions that make money.

In this episode we're talking all about:

  • Growth hacks as life lessons
  • Using the tools that give you more efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness
  • Learn how to get more done in less time and how to get better results with less effort
  • Reading a potential buyer's mind using key elements of marketing psychology
  • Creating a community around a product or a service from marketing materials, such as podcasts, webinars, and blog articles.

When you listen or watch this episode, if we go all nerdy or geeky on you with technical terms, just DM me and I'd be happy to dummy it down. LOL!!!! And if you want to capitalize the sales and marketing data inside your CRM to make powerful predictions for long term results, go to

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