Dream Job With Danielle Cobo Podcast

I am so excited to have been a guest on Dream Job with Daniel Cobo Podcast! Each week Elite Career Coach Danielle Cobo interviews inspiring women who have overcome adversity and leveled up their careers and life. You will learn how to eliminate the inner critic holding you back from pursuing your dream, build your confidence, create healthy boundaries to transition burn-out to re-energize, and gain clarity on how to accelerate your career.

In this episode, I am sharing my career journey, discuss outward mindset vs. inward mindset, the four personality types, and many more!


“It doesn't really feel like a job, if you love what you're doing everyday” – Angela Proffitt

💫 1:56   A little about my career journey

💫 6:43   How I identify who will be a good fit at her organization

💫 14:55   Who should you be getting advice from?

💫 21:00   The four different personality types

💫 28:10   An outward mindset vs. an inward mindset

💫 30:40   How well do you know your team?

Check out the full episode HERE!

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