Electronic Greeting Cards News

Are you like me? Do you have a box of cards that you don't want to throw away but is so important to you that you want to keep it? It's been an exciting ride and an honor to be able to be part of this new platform that is being brought to the hospitality industry. I'm so excited to share that E-Bration has launched!

Inspired by an idea that the founders thought of on the night of their own wedding, E-Bration is a digital platform that preserves the memories of every single card and sentimental message that are received throughout important life events and milestones.

Say goodbye to shoeboxes full of cards that collect dust in your closet until they are eventually thrown away. E-Bration saves a digital record of every celebration with e-cards sent directly through their website or physical cards that can be seamlessly uploaded.

The entire event experience can be managed and commemorated through the platform with cards, invitations, thank you cards, event photos and a Memor-E-Book that matches up each card with a photo of that guest!

It would be awesome if you could help them get the word out with a few simple things!
Follow them on Instagram: @e_bration
Follow them on Facebook: E-Bration
Try it out! Sign up for an account: ebration.com
And of course, if you or anyone you know has an important celebration coming up, you can make the event that much better by using E-Bration!

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