Email Subject Lines

Do you ever wonder why people are not opening some of your emails? Well for the fact that it may be going to spam, but it could be the subject lines.  Anytime I find something that is helpful, I make a point to share it with you all.  So many clients we work with who have a CRM and who are trying to share a message with their audience, they don't realize that they are using words that are negative or offensive.  So check out this super helpful list.  I don't even know where I saw this, otherwise, I would give the site credit on putting this list together:)

In one of my companies, we serve a luxury audience in weddings, events, travel, etc. so we would NEVER use the words: bargain, best price, budget, clearance, deal, debt, discount, don't, free, loan, lowest price, no cost, obligation, problem, quickest, risk free, weight, why pay more, wife…and I could go on and on.

Why not use these words you ask?  Well, for many reasons:
-you get what you pay for
-getting a bargain, deal, discount, lowest price, no cost, etc. has never ended good for me in a positive unforgettable experience.
-nothing is ever free, there is always a catch and usually I don't like it
-loans?  I am not here doing a service to put people in debt
-anything of value has a price tag
-the best things in life are hard to find…there is nothing quick about it usually
-nothing is risk free; life is a risk; it's if you choose to take risk or not

Ok, I will stop here!  Hope this helps you as you are thoughtfully putting copy together for your audience!

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