Face Mask are the new thing

Well, when we had a branding swag meeting over a year ago for GSD Creative, I would have never thought in my right mind we would be adding face masks to the inventory to show people how we like to GSD around here! And if the government, governor and mayor are going to mandate mask, then damn….they better be on brand and for me, most important is to be comfortable!

The string is a cord that goes in the back of your neck and does not annoy the back of my ears. The fabric is within the CDC guidelines (which reminds me of wedding or event drapery that needs to be fire retardant!) and is a soft cotton blend that is not too overly hot. I have already washed the mask multiple times (I do lay it out to air dry).

This seems like common sense, but wear your own mask and do not share it with others! They come in any color and you can customize the inside with any fabric that meets the guidelines. I am so particular when it comes to fabrics that touch anything on my skin; I am allergic to SO much shit that having to wear this on my face just makes me think of a walking bacteria germ!  But I will say I have been very pleased with the GSD mask!

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