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One of my FAV things about PetalDriven.com is how you can choose a flower color and the season, and the website populates what is best to get at this time of year! I had the chance to get to know and do a podcast with Jared, the CEO and founder of this AMAZING website (link here in case you missed it). What is so special and unique about PetalDriven is that it’s not just a website, it’s a floral community that connects designers from all around the world with brides, couples, people who love flowers or design as a hobby, or people who work in the industry. Not to mention, I love the educational way the website is set up! Once I saw what they do, I knew I needed to tell my audience about this.

Jared’s Story

Jared stumbled into the flower and design business when a close friend decided to sell his flower importing company. So he dropped his plans to go to medical school and bought the business with his family. Soon after he was “bit by the design bug” and opened a shop in southern Florida to offer his creative services to celebrities, royalty, and couples.

What opportunities can I take while I can’t do something else?

In 2016, Jared was diagnosed with lymphoma and went through rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. The treatment caused neuropathy which affected the use of his hand, making it difficult to continue designing. For so long, his dream was to put high end flowers in the hands of normal people. With his dream in mind, he used his year off for treatment as a time to develop petaldriven.com. A horrible thing turned into what Jared says is the best thing that has ever happened to him. “If I couldn’t design myself, I had to inspire others to design.” His patience and persistence paid off.

Fast, Fresh, Variety

PetalDriven.com gives users access to high-end flowers at reasonable prices. They have the ability to offer thousands and thousands of different varieties of flowers from all over the world because they work directly with the farms. So that means the flowers are never sitting in a warehouse waiting to wilt; they are sent directly to you! Flowers are like children; they require prepping, trimming, feeding, designing, and delivering. That’s why I’m always sure my clients know their flowers are worth much more than grocery store bouquets. They are worth the labor and design that goes into each petal. This is why I LOVE the consistency at PetalDriven.com; the flowers are always fresh, prepared properly, and delivered on time.

If you enjoyed reading Jared’s inspiring story and want to see more of his work, visit petaldriven.com for your next fresh and fast arrangement!

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