FREE Insta Training

I am SUPER excited to share with you that I will be LIVE on Insta coming up and want to personally invite you to join us! We will be chatting about Instagram Strategies and WHY YOU need one! Let’s get REAL….You are working hard, and I want to help! It’s time to take 1 hour for YOU to work on your business, not in your business. It’s time you invest in yourself and your brand! And this is FREE Peeps!!! Since the launch of WedLuxe Images, LOTs of you have LOTs for questions about how to use them, where to use them, why use them, etc.!

SO…..I want to do something special for YOU; if you are posting any images on Instagram you won’t want to miss this LIVE! OH, so here’s the thing…there’s a proven method…like a formula….Do you know the formula? The Grid . IGTV . Stories . APPS

Like giving value, telling stories, using hashtags, when to post? There’s SOOOOO much to think of. Most of us just post to post. I used to do just that. It was just one more thing on my To Do List! But it’s different now that I actually know what the heck I am doing!

If you are really serious about focusing on building the business you want in this CRAZY creative industry, I will see you there! Be sure you follow @angelaproffitt on Instagram and mark your calendars so you remember to show up!

SUNDAY, MARCH 15TH @ 7pm CST . 8pm EST . 5pm

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