From Startup Dreams to Times Square Screens
  • October 24, 2023
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From Startup Dreams to Times Square Screens

In 2016, when AI was still a relatively unknown concept to many, a dedicated team embarked on a journey to revolutionize the wedding planning industry. This team was Fetefully, an AI wedding planning company that would soon become a pioneer in the field. Fast forward six years, and Fetefully found itself in the heart of New York City's Times Square during tech week, sharing the spotlight with sponsors like Slauson & Co. and Brex.

A Dream Takes Shape: 
Fetefully's rise to prominence was far from ordinary. When the team first ventured into AI-powered wedding planning, they were met with curious glances and raised eyebrows. However, they believed in their vision, and they persevered. Their hard work and innovation gradually turned skeptics into believers, as they witnessed AI transform the way weddings were planned and designed.

The Big Break: 
t was an opportunity for the team members to showcase not just their work but the love stories they had helped craft. When finding out they had the opportunity to be featured on a billboard they immediately submitted photos from recent weddings of the couples they had recently planned and designed weddings for, and two couple's stories were chosen to be featured.

A Personal Touch: 
What made this moment truly special was that the featured couple was not just another client. They were friends of mine. I’ve known them for many years personally and professionally, and to watch their love grow into this incredible love story made me realize how much I missed weddings and events. My team and I decided then and there that we were going back. It had been too long. Furthermore, the minister who officiated their wedding was none other than my catalyst teacher, Michael Burcham, who had played a significant role in me growing as an entrepreneur. It was Blake Chaffin and Catalyst that led me to EO, Entrepreneurs' Organization, a pivotal organization for fostering entrepreneurship.

A Meeting of Minds: 
As fate would have it, the day the Times Square billboard went live coincided with Fetefully's quarterly meeting in Nashville. While the team had considered flying to New York to witness the billboard going live, they decided to stay in Nashville due to a packed and focused GSD agenda. And gosh, we got SO much done! 

Behind the Billboard: Meet THE Team Changing the Wedding Planning Game with AI
In the glitzy heart of New York City's Times Square, there's a story unfolding, and it's not just about lights and billboards. It's about the team that's rewriting the rules of wedding planning with the power of AI.

Meet the Minds: 
Our journey began in 2016, when the concept of AI in wedding planning was a daring venture. We were the dreamers who dared to dream, the disruptors who saw potential where others saw hurdles or didn’t even know it existed. We are the team behind Fetefully, and we've been on a mission to revolutionize the wedding planning industry.

Gigi McDowell is the founder of Fetefully. She interned with me in 2015 when she was on a TV show called Job or No Job.  She interviewed three companies on the show and chose mine, the only unpaid internship. We bonded immediately. We both knew True Colors! She was always determined and has dedicated her entire life to this cause of making sure that every person feels like a princess on their wedding day, and bringing real solutions to real shit!

Brian Worley, y'all may know him as my travel husband! He is one of my best friends in the world and we have known each other for 2 years. He is an incredible designer who globetrots around the world (together alot) working and bringing dreams to real life. We have laughed, cried and have had real talks that you can’t just tell everyone. When I told him about Fetefully he said “I want to be part of it! Let’s do this and bring this planner community together!” Brian has more community than I have ever seen! Ask me how 50 people went to Italy for his 50th birthday! He’s blue.

And there’s me! Gigi’s sidekick who won’t take any bullshit off of anyone! We have been through some of the toughest ups and downs. We have seen people come and go. We have learned so many hard lessons together, but I am so very proud of her dedication. She is now a mother to not just one baby but two other children who she adores and I am amazed every time I see her as she holds it together and keeps going everyday. No matter what changes are happening around her, one thing holds strong and true and that is her love for Fetefully– we will keep going and going to spread the word of AI and show you how it’s life changing in the best way possible. 

And with the three of us, we are going to bring this baby to light!

The Future of Wedding Planning: 
Our journey from startup dreams to Times Square screens is a testament to our dedication to changing the wedding planning landscape one planner at a time and one couple at a time. With AI by our side, we'll continue to shape the future of wedding planning.

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