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So what in the world is a GOBO? A gobo is basically a template plus lighting to project a customized image onto a surface. This strange word is actually stands for “GOes Before Optics.”

All this to say, there are a million different GOBOs that brides can choose to project on their dance floor, a wall, or really wherever (best results is on a flat hard surface)! I’ve often used the design from couples’ invitations or a company logo to “brand” the event just like we help brand a business.


Here are the different types of unique and fun GOBOs you could choose for your special day:

Glass GOBOs

These GOBOs are another option that offer extremely intricate detail to create a high quality image for company logos and similar designs.

  • 1 Color Glass Custom
  • Multi-Color Glass Custom

Metal GOBOs

These offer the most durable template since they are literally cut from a piece of metal.

  • Pattern
  • Custom


Incredible designs and lighting options GOBOs offer:

This is a beautiful pattern design warming up the perimeter of the concert hall at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Photo: Matt Andrews


This is another incredible pattern brightening the floor at the Belle Meade Plantation.

Photo: Divine Images


Here’s a design that I LOVE!! We use a lot of GOBOs to highlight the initials of the bride and groom. We used this elegant design at a rehearsal at the Bridge Building.

Photo: Kristyn Hogan


Absolutely adore this pattern and monogram on the wall at the Country Music Hall of Fame; this venue has the perfect rotunda wall for GOBO lighting.


Do you want a GOBO on the ceiling? Done! We used this design at The Temple.

GOBOs are also a great option to highlight strategic partnerships and sponsorship logos like this one from this music industry fundraiser at the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Now that you know all the basics about GOBOs, I'm sure you'll be using one to help your next event shine even brighter! For more wedding tips and insider information, check out my  podcast! Stay productive, y'all!


posted by Lauren Ringo

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