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  • September 8, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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Join Angela and Amanda as they travel to the Bahamas and share special behind the scenes stories and experience shares. 

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Good afternoon. It's exactly
1159 It's still good morning. Day. Still. Good morning. Still Good morning.
I'm a slow start in the morning. A little bit. It's okay. I'm a very slow start my morning, but you give me late at night. Like for the party?

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I'm the opposite. Yes. No, I did. I think there's just so tired. But let's also consider that. It is technically an hour. Foreigner. Yeah. So it was really 8am Yeah, you already awake.
I was I was awake for two hours. So with that? Well, today's my best friend's birthday. Oh, my God. Happy birthday. So I wanted to send her some things this morning. First off, I like to be diverse. And then, you know, I was just in India. And so a lot of people that are like messaging and sending DMS and messaging, they're 10 and a half hours ahead of me. And so it gives me an opportunity to message with people while they're still awake. Like if I get up, but but I was okay. Like I didn't like want to go back back to sleep. And then I was wanting to look at the pretty water. And then I was like I'm not getting out of this bed. I set little Oh my god. There goes the thing goes. Oh my god. Was it the freakin lizard or no? No, so curly. I don't know. Is that normal? Do you want to be in our podcast later? It's called Business unveiled and what you get to pick a card from How dare you you can answer a question with us. Yeah, it's called fresh content. Okay, yeah. So we'll do it. Okay. All right. What's your name again? Andre. Mines Amanda. And Angela. So Andre, Amanda, Angela. Oh, awesome.
Thank you so much.
Okay, so he's gonna be our podcast.
Oh, we have to cheers again. Because Angeles spelt her.
Oh my God, I am so clumsy. You
know, I love you. I do you. It's so much part of her job. But she organizes down and she goes, Oh, shit. And it's just it's all over
the ground. Everywhere. So cheers. Everywhere. Cheers. Yeah. And like I spill things almost daily. It's very good. Like the last bad spill like this was a bad spill. It would have been an inexpensive bill to
have you talked about your India airport experience yet?
No. Well, I did on the airplane. I just haven't released the footage because I'm like, hysterical. Stay tuned. Like I felt like y'all like, I'm sure to an outsider. It looked like I was dead. Because people ran over to me like it was a big deal. I'm sure it looked horrific. I wish I could get my hands on the security footage and put it in slo mo
one time I fell I slipped on oil and Home Depot. And they had me fill out a liability form. And then they asked me if I wanted to see the security footage. And I just know in their break room for probably the next month. They're probably watching it laughing. And I was like, No, I don't want to see that. Thank you.
It was like one in the morning. Deli term on what is today, today is 27th 2016. It was the 24th. So if you google it on the 24th around between one and 2am Delhi time, and I was held a security may compensate in my drone, which again is a whole different story. But I was just upset and I almost missed my flight and at 30 minutes to get to the gate and I hold off running. And so it was between like here's security and then a long hallway and then I went to turn and when I went to turn my shoe, my foot came out of my shoe because it's a slide tennis shoe, which is not Yeah, you should not run ever, ever. Those are those shoes. I love them running and they're good to walk on. Like treadmill pass right? Yeah, but yeah, not right. And I'm not a runner. So one of the I started running shoes, but I thought would you be running in the first place? Exactly. But I thought I was gonna miss my flight because I have misplaced before because they are serious about shutting the door 20 minutes early and then the moment I stepped on the plane, and the flight attendant announces that we're waiting on seven people who are running from a connection flight and they're actually waiting for them because it's an international flight is 17 hours and I bursted out crying. Anyway.
Understandable next. Okay, so what do we even talk about
art? Well, first, this is just our day. So we wake up and Friday we're swimming with the pigs and like do things like crocodiles and like, Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little bummed about it. Yeah, so the weather. It's canceled and the has the full waters. But whole reason we came here was to swim with the nap. That was it. That's it, which now just means we have to come back. Because we they also flamingos but the Plinko flamingos don't come out till Monday, Sunday. Anyway, we missed that. So we're just GSD through these podcast, because we have a lot to share. And so this morning that happened. And then last night. Oh my God, no, we're scouting around areas walking around. We go upstairs. I'm like, there's this picture that I saw on their Instagram. And I get this vision
is really good at seeing pictures on Instagram. And thinking that they're real, like real. Like we went to Indiana. She thought that strawberry fields just looked like field of literal strawberries. Like she didn't realize that they're connected to a vine. Yeah. And it's like, they were like, just laying in the field already picked. Like, like this, like their Instagram picture like this strawberry, just like laying all over the field. Oh, she was so disappointed. So anyway, she saw this on Instagram.
So I'm like, there's this picture that I saw on Instagram. Aaron, I want to do tick tock Sarah, what do you podcaster? So we found it last time wasn't hard. And then this morning, we go up there. Mind you. This is a community and we talked to the concierge about it. Oh, yeah. Because we haven't planned ahead. I'm like, is there a food and beverage beverage minimum? Do we need to rent a cabana? Like, do we need to rent a chair like I like to have my position, especially if we're going to like work and like do podcasts and shit, right? And environment is everything to me. I can turn a positive turn my frown upside down, and an ugly environment. But we made the choice. We have choices of where we're going to travel and where we're going to work, which is lovely. And I think this is a good environment. It is. But until this morning, we go upstairs where we think we're gonna go. And there's people up there, of course. And there were two chairs on the end. Now there's only eight chairs up there. We put our stuff down. There's no towels. I don't know, it was earlier. Open. Yeah. Open. And we put our stuff down. And this man, who was the data the group, take it away, Amanda, because I'm not going to be nice.
Yeah, initially kind of flipped out. When was a cool idea what was going on? He just kind of like, okay. But he like they looked at first they were quiet. Like we were setting our stuff down. You know, like when you approach like a cool chair and there's nothing on it. That's kind of an indicator that, hey, I can sit there.
It's open.
And so like we go to put our stuff down, and we're talking amongst ourselves like, and they look at us, and they're staring at us. And we're just like, and then they're like they're taken. Yep. And I say when you said Oh, did you reserve this area? And they're like, No, those are just for kids.
We have a family of eight. Now my fucking problem and their
kids are like 20 Somethings. Yeah, they're sitting there like, oh, an angel. So again, she's like, Did you reserve this? Because I asked her this years. And he said, You didn't have to reserve it. And they're like, Well, no,
but I specifically said it's first come first serve. Yeah.
They're like, Well, no. And I just I don't do confrontation. And I don't want to stay. I don't want to stay in a space that's like negative energy. And like, we're gonna do our thing all day. Like, I think that we're much happier here. Yeah. But I was like, Okay, well, you had a great day. Yeah. So, I was so nice. I was like, and she just leave. I was
like, You have a great day. And I'm standing here I'm like,
huh, but I kill him with kindness. Like, what can they say? Like, they came up there. They tried to sit there and then they said Have a good day.
Right? How are you gonna bench about that? Exactly. But it was just he was so he was so rude. And so then I'm like, What are if we were with our dudes, like, would they act like that? If I was like, Hey, go upstairs and save these eight chairs, you know, we're gonna have a team meeting up here. No, they would never act like that. Never. And the worst part
like is like, I don't know, he was she was his wife or his sister. She was like, behind him, like,
the cheerleader like, yeah,
like, be me. Yeah. Tell him. We're just like, Oh, wow.
Okay. And as you do it in front of your kids, making your kids think just rotten, hey, that's acceptable. Be you act like you're better than us. Because
these kids, these kids are adults. You know, people doing the work kids, I got asked on the line. I would just send the emergency exit row yesterday and she looked at me and she said, Are you over 15?
No line, and she was dead serious.
I literally I don't think I've ever blinked stared someone so much. I was like, I'm Tom 20. She was like, Oh, okay. And I'm like, I'll appreciate it later in life. It was like, literally just as good as 15. I think it was because you looked at me before that you're like, do you want to? Oh,
mom or something? Yeah. Yeah, I can. I can totally see that. It's just that I wanted to sit in that row too. But I wanted a window seat. She likes the aisle seat. So that's why I'm like there's the exit aisle seat. So do you. I just assumed like, do you want that? And and then I was just gonna sit
behind here. I went to sit and she's like, are you ever?
Oh, God anyway, it was funny. It was. So people just assume that we're kids and like, people judge a book by its cover. And that's something my parents taught me. I don't feel like don't do it. We just we don't like you never know. Amanda Berry.
I know. Like, okay, so,
wait, can you see yourself? Yeah. You
know, in high school swimming. I had a teacher who's a history teacher. He called us all by our last names. So dairy. I walked to him. And one day he's like, I want to say this in front of everybody else who's really southern. I don't want to say this in front of everybody else. But did you know that your name is dairy? And you? black cow. And you don't eat meat? Like no shit? Yes, Coach spears. I'm very aware. Thank you
like Britney Spears? Yes. Hit me Bailey will turn on
but like a dude. Who's not Britney. Britney Spears is my history teacher. In high school.
Well, you went to school with Taylor Swift. So you know, yeah, maybe Britney Spears? Like, maybe she was there too. Right. She was teaching. Bless her heart. I feel like Britney Spears is like my age, not yours. Okay, so back to our story. Talking about the people upstairs. Yeah, so it just, you know it just, but we don't let negative people ruin our day? No. So we vent about it. And then we talked about it. And we talked about it for like 20 minutes as we walked around to try to find the best space for our day. And we love where we ended up. We love the team of people taking care of us, Andre. Andre. And he's good spot. Yeah. It's good. So we have experienced things going on with the brand here. Experience things. Does your glass even have the No, no,
I think because these are plastic doesn't stay on very well. Did you know that you have to have plastic you have Would you just do. You have to have plastic glassware around a pool because you can't a large liability if it gets in the pool and it breaks if it's glass. Shattered Glass. truly fun fact. I feel like there's a
and you shouldn't have beer bottles around pools either. Because when you get on your John Deere green, and mow your grass and you run over a beer bottle, it ruins your John Deere tractor. And I noticed no grass. No, I'm not talking about here. We did a wedding destination wedding somewhere and they had it in their policies that you could not have bottled beer into that client. They there was like no negotiation. It was like they had to have bottled beer. They basically were like redneck country people where I grew up who had come into new money. So it's like
a canned beer situation.
Well, they weren't bottles and the venue actually read an amendment and let them do it. And I think they did it. Well, they told me they did it because they're like, Oh, we trust you Angela.
Did someone get oh my
god, y'all Listen, it don't matter. How much money you have. Where are you? came from what social class you are. When you involve a lot of alcohol and drugs. You should not go down. Take the Redneck and the white trash out of the people. You just can't. Okay. I love my country people. Okay, I'm not saying anything bad about you. I'm just saying that. You know what I'm talking about.
Okay? No, it's true. It's like people. Oh, sorry. People think that there's no rules at weddings. It's like, they drink a little bit and they lose their minds. It's like, they think that the good
don't exist. Yeah. Do you damn those orange people?
Do you remember that guy? That's firmer horn
on the ground?
Yes. Like, we like walked him back to the back. And like, laid him down. Yeah. And
then a girl was laying down and I tripped over her. Because she wasn't vendoring past. Is
it crazy when there's so many drunk people? Yeah, but I think it's because it was Catholic. Yeah, Catholics drink a lot. And they started drinking at like, one in the afternoon.
Yeah, cuz they had to get married. Well, yeah. Wedding was all of the guests. Yeah,
like, not just the wedding party. Like, that's normal for people to start drinking at like 9am or whatever. But all of the guests
Now we don't want to. We don't 1pm We don't recommend it. No, but people just do it. This is just
like, there were people. There are people drunk, like under the bar
upstairs on the top floor.
I mean, they were telling us that. Like the and this was crazy, too. They were liking the guests, like, just serve themselves.
And these people are very wealthy. And so I think because they have like, prestige businesses and prestige jobs. Like I'm talking like, surgeons that save people's lives here. Schmidt smart backers. Oh, my God, I think it's actually their friends. They never actually
like that. No. And that's usually what it is like, it's never it's never
the client. Let's just be real. Yeah, it's not Yeah, but the client does give us a heads up
sometimes. And sometimes, I mean, this picture, we didn't get a heads up when they were doing lines of cocaine in the bathrooms,
which that was a different event. It was so it wasn't a symphony, because we mentioned the venue where we didn't just see it. Yeah, we didn't see it there. I've never seen anyone doing coke. Scrubbing. It doesn't mean it hasn't happened. But there's cameras everywhere. And Alan we love you have like the security that was top notch, and I feel very safe there. I went to Symphony for the first time as a real person. And a few weeks ago, like I bought tickets, like a normal person, like a normal person. And then Loverboy was with me and he's like, why don't you just like go through the back door and like why are you like, which I kind of tried it doesn't work like that. Yeah, I'm like somebody said, why don't you just call the people you know, I'm like, because then you have to, like talk to them. And like, we just don't have time like we're big time crunch. And then you don't
get like, I mean, that's nice and everything and like I grew up in the music industry. Like I'm so used to go into backdoors Yeah, but But it's like it's you don't always do experience, actually as it would be
like a normal person and
normal not that we're not normal. We're very very normal. Yeah,
we're very normal. It's just okay then people planners, you know, designers you know, when you load in a loading docks and you see the back of the house, you know, the back of the house. So in the front of the house when I was like, Oh, damn, yeah, like actually set it for an event like yeah, like, I can't remember what the elevator codes are. And then I had to go back in the day and I'm like, remember the acronyms I came up with on the elevator? Okay, y'all go off on a tangent
when I tell him turn to this and you're like, what?
So the elevator is the most confusing elevator you've ever seen in your life? Okay, because it goes both directions. And like for back room, and there's like I would say 20 Buttons there's a lot and each button is like oh TBT and like there's different fours and it means to you and like like fuck women. Okay then wait was that that was an
acronym that was students for what does it say founders west or something?
Yes, that's what it seems but but how we remember it in my head is that guys and the girls are exactly Oh, that's right. Yeah, point Yeah, that's what I don't mean fuck women. I mean, we're women. I don't mean like that helps
her in us. And it has nothing to wade
bridesmaids. Fuck women who are rude that's the whole reason I came up with it is because mean bridesmaids,
but it's just to remember that like that's the floor the girls are on
right? But if you're a bridesmaid in a wedding, like it's about her, it's about the bride. Don't make it about you.
And if you see this, like this is not towards anyone like
oh, no, we do. We're just being real. Alright, don't be selfish. It just
helps us to remember what were the guys
It's Ms. mins Look
I think it was no fun to help other planners remember this step? Yeah.
I agree. Let us know. Like, and yes, yes, people it's on the front, it's on the page. It's on a page in our, like, 50 Page timeline sometimes, bro, like new people in interns, but like, when you we work at this venue a lot. It's one of our favorite venues. And so, you know, there's like three or four venues in our hometown. We take over the whole building, they let us do what we want, you know, as long as we're not doing anything that would like harm the building or put people in danger. And so it's just it's good to like, remember these things and like, know these things. I mean, that's the whole reason we implemented radios is because you're it's concrete building. Cell phones don't work there. Okay, so back to our story here. Um, so we walked around, and we landed on this one on this spot. Yep. Right. And a few things happen. It takes us a little bit of time to get going because it's like, there's just so many distractions, right. So it's like first, we had an a little bit of ants now we're outdoors and like a frickin jungle over here. So I get it. And I'm not saying there's ants at this resort because it's a nice we love this program. We love this brand.
There's just ants on the plant. It was just
right. Not our food or anything like that frogs. Okay, so then we have a baby frog over here. It's so cute. Then we have lizards, geckos with curly tails. Yesterday, we had tree branches falling in the middle of nowhere. Oh my god, the big snails
actually kind of cute. Yeah, it is.
I mean, all these little my life. Nature of creatures are cute.
So except for the lizards, I can get on board with that.
I don't like any reptiles, period, then no. But then we were going to set up. We were going to set up and then our food came. So you're getting the behind the scenes but the point of the story is a do not let rude negative people ruin your day. There is a YouTube video that I did in Cabo. That is private, unlisted. But it's a meditations, a guided meditation. Someone sent it to me. Yeah, as like an inspiration. And then you and Azure, were like, You should do that. So I did and I listened to actually got apparently to do it. So I'm talking like what's done sunrise, it was like before 5am. And we had to fly out that day too. So and it was windy, or then you could ever imagine. And I did not have these mics back then. No. So there's when and Barbara but it's just funny because it's like, so calm. And so zen. And then when you watch the behind the scenes at the end of the video, it's like what was really happening? I was like, Yeah, because it was like, everything was blowing around.
Tell them what the name of the meditation is.
Well, I say the word fuck a lot. It's called like that. Yeah, fuck that. So like, Fuck negative people. Fuck their negative energy.
Brian. She's working on it. She is.
I know. She's trying my travel has been it for y'all. It's so sweet for his birthday. He's like, he's like, okay, and there's a few things I need from you for my birthday. And I'm like, Okay, what's that? And he's like, so the first thing is you have to get a cell phone float.
Yeah, what the hell I'm doing the same thing
our skin so every person is getting a float that is like their personality basically and he's like, I don't want you to bring the drone and like get one of those you know like, like fire festival shots where they were like filming the commercial and shit yeah you know with the drone coming up and down and then my drunk or compensated but he did go and get it for me. So it's a different story. But yeah, so he's like order this cell phone float which I do need to order the float. I haven't done that yet. It's like on my list. It's like a mile long of ship ship things to do. And but I love creating content. Like I would just rather to that nothing.
Yes, but his wish for his birthday. She does not curse and I promise to be a good influence.
Yeah, but it's just who I am and oh, there's a hair and my Chipotle Manning's no my hair when y'all my first bite. My hair was in there.
Sorry. Some wind possibly. That was a bug. Anyway can nap. They always find you
they do. If there's one in a restaurant that always find me. But yeah, Brian, we're working on it. So here we are in the Bahamas. And we're going to start an intro now like a real intro of like, why we're doing that. Oh, oh, let's talk about six baby Have you heard what's Karma Sutra?
Oh my god and Tantric Yoga.
Oh my god y'all interesting stories to share.
Like you didn't know these things either right
when I knew what tantric was I did a little more crunchy granola than you
you are on a prissy Princess never done it. Not really.
I can be a little person, but I'm like, I'm a good mix. She's
a she's a pricy granola I am but like
my own granola granola brand and I'm
not like that Princess like I'm just not very domesticated about certain things. Okay, so pick a card any card. Oh my god, you're in India this guy out he was an illusionist. And he like read our minds. It would it blew my mind what he was waiting anyway what is it? What is your most embarrassing puberty related story? Okay, y'all when I was I guess that this happens like when you're 1314 15? Like, no one ever. Okay, first off, I was truly did gymnastics. I was never in history class or science. And were okay. So I didn't learn like normal things. So when we were talking about like, the sex things with Karma Sutra and tantric, they don't teach you that. It's cool. But in India, in India? I don't know. And so but no, no, they do because Maggie Kate and one of my niece's recently, I was like, teach that in school. My god embarrassed the shit out of her when I was homeschooling one day, and I'm like, Okay, three hours, and then I video you know, like, your top takeaway for what you learned or whatever. And she's like, she looked me in the eye. And I'm like, what did you learn today? Because we're learning about the birds and the bees. I'm like, what does that mean? She goes, you know, about, it's not about Tantrics. I know. But anyway, it's just it. I guess it is science. Gunson taught me that we do learn about India
reproduction in school. Wait, how do we start talking about this? This question about puberty?
Oh, yeah. Anyway, I didn't understand. I didn't know what puberty was like. I didn't know that. I was going through it. So I couldn't even tell like I could not answer this. Is sixth grade people called me Dolly Parton. And like, because I have such big boobs they did. That's kids are so mean. Well, I liked it. Bring it on. Shake my titties.
themed birthday party one time.
How old are you? 13. Okay,
we blew up balloons and we had a fashion show.
Did you put them here for big boobs? Oh my god. 13. Yeah. Wow.
I have the same birthday.
She's so cute. At that
time. I had a Dolly Parton themed birthday party.
I just I love Okay, let's do another question. And I'm like oh, my god, actually, actually, I'll refrain. Okay, so right now I'm listening to this book with by Loverboy. And we're both on a chapter which I've already done a book. I've already done these exercises. But it's always good to go back and do it again, especially with someone like that you want to see actually, like, learn and grow. And so not that I want everyone to learn and grow. Let me just clarify. Okay. And one of the ways that you can maximize your time like the older you get more life experience you get, there's exercises that teach you how to write your eulogy. So what do you want people to say about you when you die? Like, are they going to stand up and say, I had zero emails in my inbox, or I paid all my bills on time. Or, you know, it's like, that's not what people get up and say, and it's like, we focus on the wrong things in life, sometimes, like our energy and our time. And so if you really just focused on the one or two things that you want to be known for that make you feel good, that fulfill you or you're doing your passion, then when you die, like you're happy, and it's like, you know, you're fulfilled. So the question is, if you could choose a way to die, what would it be? Oh, my God, I'm not lying, y'all. That's the question and I will answer it after you answer it.
I mean, this sounds really boring and predictable, but like, I would just want to like, after like, a good long life, just like peacefully like in my sleep or something, like oh my god, what a morbid question,
right? But it gives you something to think about because if someone no one ever asked me the question till I was like, 30 Why are you doing all of this? Why are you working so hard? Why are you saying yes to all these opportunities? Why are you taking on so many events? Why are you helping so many people? Like, why are you doing all of this? Yeah, like
I would want to be able to go to sleep and like, if I were to look back on my life, like be so happy about all the memories, I've made all the people that and that like I love that like and just know that like I have, even if it's No one, even if it's like so little and it's just to like, a small amount of people that I have made some good impact on. Like, that's all that I need. Like I don't
like you don't need a bunch. You don't need 1000s of people that's not
Yeah, like, like, if it was peaceful like that like, Yeah, what a weird question.
I know. Like the other questions that I had with other people before was were like really funny like about 40 things like that not dying in
puberty to find a different question at
some point. Okay, anyway. Okay, so fast forward, tune in to our next episode, where we're gonna kick off. Welcome, welcome to the Bahamas.
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