How Personalities Evolve Over a Lifetime
  • September 15, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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Join Angela and Amanda as they travel to the Bahamas and share special behind the scenes stories and experience shares. In this episode we talk about mapping out a life line. Have you thought about it? The life experiences and events that have gotten you to today? When you take the time to sit down and map out the crucial events of your life you may surprise yourself by how much meaning and purpose they hold for your future and present!

Thank you Rosewood Baha Mar for the beautiful accommodations!


  • How to create a lifeline
  • Personalities through life and how they evolved
  • How communicate


Be the example of what you want to see in the world

Adding to your life line is something that you should be doing every 5 years

We all have unique stories, not one is the same


We're on the prowl for a little mini trampoline. At least that's what we're telling ourselves. That's what it is. But it's really not that. Okay. Hello. To our beach. podcast episode, and our special series with the mini 18.

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Yes, because really loud. And now that lady's Very good. Oh, good. Hi.
I'm, so we are going to do a special series because you know what, if someone in your community keeps asking you the same question over and over and over, you definitely should take the time to do a blog or a podcast. So that Thank you. You want to do like a broader a podcast on it. So then it can be like searchable, like in your blogs where you can do a video about it. And then like Tom Stanford in YouTube,
kind of one of those things where it's like, some people get nervous to ask questions, but it's likely that somebody has the same question of you. Right? If you if you get an answer that's just helping a bunch of other people.
Exactly. So don't be afraid to ask. And some of the questions that people ask us, I think are kind of ballsy. You know, like, I'm a policy person. It's like I would ask those things. So what energy you put out comes back to you. So we thought we would take a day and answer some questions on one of our episodes to kick off our tribal theory. And in the Bahamas, it's beautiful today it's not alive, but we're videoing a little shell. Oh, that's so special. I got that for you. Thank you. Forever. It's again, guesser. I'll keep it in my ear. As an earring.
movie that like had starfish hearing. Actually, this is very cute. I don't know if anyone remembers the movie Aquamarine. I've never but it was about like this mermaid that washed up and these like teenage girls like anyway, my grandma, she so the mermaid in the movie. She used actual little starfish earrings. And they whispered compliments in her ears. And so my grandma bought me little silver starfish earrings.
And then it whispers positive things in your
ear. Yeah. I love that grandmas are so cute. I have
to put this so away now. So I don't. Okay, so back to what we were doing. So we're doing a special series. Yeah. So that we answer the most frequently asked questions by people that Amanda and I get asked, which is hilarious.
We may have some friends to join.
They don't mess with their friends yet. They know that they're gonna dance with us very soon.
So what's our first question?
The first question is, well, first, I wanted to give a little bit of background and context so that people understand. Because depending on where you come in to your journey, and you meet us, there's a lot of people don't know. And like with both of us, when people ask us, what do you do? Right, right. And
it's such a hard question to answer. Like,
we do a lot, we do a lot of very, very specific tedious thing. And so my answer is like, it really depends on the day, it depends on who I'm talking to. It depends on the audience. And it depends on what the need is on where I can best add value to whatever their problem or condition drum or whatever. Yeah, that is, but I mean, at the core of it for many, many, many years. I don't know people always tell me, I'm very confusing. And like, I don't know how to focus, but I'm getting better every year.
Well, I think that in essence, when we do we have learned a lot of things through experience. Yep. And we want to help other people from having to do it the hard way. Right. So basically, we just help people how it is and real life with a number of different things. And we're able to reach like, more people that way. Yep. And generally it's helping people in business. Yeah. Wow.
If our phones go go forward, you will see me move faster than you've ever seen yet, but they'll be fine.
They're water resistant up to a certain amount of like, oh, like, I wouldn't dip it in the
water, but if it falls in, it'll be okay. So if I dropped it in the commode, it's gonna be okay. Probably. But don't do that. Why did it before but it was a different crowd.
We noticed the volunteer sidebar people. They're not
normal. They have. It's so low. Yeah, it's like a European.
I don't like that. Like, it's a long way down.
Actually, I like it. Because I'm sure.
No, I don't mean the height of the toilet seat. I mean, where the where it goes, Yeah, it's so hard out. Like the bowl isn't full with water.
So what we're gonna do is an exercise called a lifeline. Yeah. And this is something that I learned through EO in the entrepreneur organization. And so it's a great exercise if you've never never done it before, because it really helps you to start see, it helps you lay out like patterns in your life. And the key word being pattern, because you are a you're born with a certain kind of personality and your environment, your experiences, yes, it can change your perspective and change the way you act and the way you react and the way that you don't react to something.
But a lot of people at their core, like we're born with a certain personality, right? And like you're saying experience can change it.
Right? But it's just who you are. Right? And don't find it. Yeah, right. It's like, Why fight it if you love doing something, and this is where I'm just so confused with people where they're like, Well, I work in health care, but I love doing this. And I'm like, Well, then why don't you do that? Are you doing it, and I do understand that some people, their personality is they want to do the same thing for 30 years. And then they just want to do their hobbies. And they want to monetize it. And that's it. They don't want to monetize it. And they don't want
to do like get a job have longevity, right? You know, go to school, not in that order. I mean, you can do
to get married have two kids, two dogs, a white picket fence, a Range Rover and be married for 50 years until death do is try and work at the same crop opening and Corporation and life or health care and works
for a lot of people. And pieces of that may work for a lot of people. But if you feel like that doesn't work for you, then. Yeah,
and what gets me is like, we'll be traveling just, you know, all over the place. And just ask random people like Uber drivers, for example. Are you happy? Like, do you like it here? Are you from here? Are you happy? And the people and
they say that they're not right? And they don't have a choice? Yeah, it really bothers me.
And so when I ask people, I challenge them, like, why? What do you mean, you don't have a choice? And the ones who say, Well, I have two kids, I'm divorced until they're 18. I can't say like, I understand that, you know, you gotta be there for your kid. But if it's just like, there's no good excuse, well, this is where I'm from. This is where my family's from, this is where I grew up. Like, that's not a good enough excuse. So if you are of the certain personality where you know, there's more, you're never going to stay there and be content. Because you know that there's more to life a lifeline. And so what he did is you literally start when you were born, and you write each year all the way to your age now. And you do the one high that year and the one letter that year. And not that we're gonna go through every year of our life. But like I met a guy in the lobby in India, on my way to the airport, he was like helping me with my bags, because I had so many effing bags, I
looked so ridiculous, not uncommon,
oh my god, I always have to get in the suitcase. And then it's like, I had a lot of gifts from India. I mean, people are so nice and gave us like the most beautiful things like you just can't leave behind. And then of course, I wanted to buy my family things, but it was like, I don't know when I'm going to be back in India, for sure. So anyway, and he's like, Oh, I don't know. It was just like really short, quick conversation. And then he's like, Oh, you travel for work, you know, what do you do? And I'm like, I create content. And I help people in the hospitality and healthcare industry. Really focus on productivity and wrapped up in productivity. It's a lot of things like we talked about people, processes, the cloud, profitability, but really, I COVID made me take a step back. And before all of that other stuff, you have to have your well being and your wellness. We're gonna talk about that later. But that's like, the most important thing anyway, we instantly connected and he's like, Oh, you have a podcast, I have a podcast. And so then he said something. And the whole reason He came up to me was my bag for a lot. But he was asking me about my watch. Not an Apple Watch, like another watch, which sparked the conversation. And he's like, I have a medical like health tips podcast. And then I'm like, Oh, me, too. Oh, yeah. And then he's like, wait, what do you do? And I'm like, I made a Lincoln bio to try to help people understand more about what I do. But and you get the question all the time. Like, what exactly
do I do and it's, I've usually give a short answer. I just say I plan events and I work in like marketing like digital marketing, because that's, that's what people resonate with the most like they understand what that is. Otherwise I'd be standing there for years. Yeah, to
give you a little bit of context of like, where we came from, and like who we are. Amanda, tell us from the time you were born till five, give us an overview until, yeah, so you're fabricating this in five year increments. Okay.
So, like, life events? Yeah.
Like, if you go down through each year, what was the and we usually do, like the one time each year and the one load here,
so I'm not sure that you remember highs and lows from what I know. I know. I know. It's hard. It's really hard. I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, in January of 1994, on the coldest night of the year. It was the coldest acts. I was actually born on my due date. So you can see based on my personality, what I know, personally,
that makes sense.
I'm very structured and very on time. But yeah, so since birth, I've been very OCD. So yeah, I was born in 1994, in Nashville, Tennessee. My parents are from Massachusetts. So the time I was raised up until school, I was raised like I was from New England, like, I didn't know what fried okra was, or like, people saying, y'all or like any of that. I didn't know any of that. And then I went to school and I learned. Yeah, so when you're Yeah. And I yeah, I was a second siblings, siblings. So second child. And I have an older sister, and those are my only siblings.
Yes. Yeah. So one to five for me. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, at the hospital that Elvis Presley died in my mom like so everybody that it's not there anymore. They grew it out. But it's all good. Construction and growth is a good thing. But we lived in Memphis because my dad's job with the railroad who did a lot of undercover work and works there for his entire release
career. It was undercover for drugs.
Yeah, we started as a fireman and then a policeman that didn't know his department. Yeah. And it's very unfair from the Gulf Coast. And so like, vacations were like not what we know as vacation today. It's all it was to go get in a station wagon and drive nine hours to the gulf coast of Mississippi think
that those are my family vacations. Yeah, but usually include a que away campgrounds or like something like that.
Yes. Like my mom made us made me be in Girl Scouts. And I love Girl Scouts, and it's a great organization. I'm not an outdoorsy girl, period. And so the beach is different. Yeah, I'm a beach girl, like put me in. Jimmy. Give me some water upon I can like see infinity. I'm happy. I'm good. But you know, I'm not an outdoorsy girl. But so we lived in Memphis, and then my dad got transferred to Nashville. This was after Elvis died, and started traveling and covering like the south and like internal fraud in the company. And then my mom got pregnant and had this baby. And I hated
my sister. Well, Angela, Angela's the firstborn.
Yeah, I'm the oldest child and I was the only child for a while and the only grandchild for a long time. So apparently, I was a spoiled rotten brat. And yeah, just a tad. In the hall. All the focus was on me. And then my sister came along and they like tried to make me part of the process. And they're like, What do you want to name her? And I'm like, No, that and apparently, like, we were down on the ground, like on purpose. I don't know. I don't remember any of these things she gets. Yeah. And then my mom IPS gets pregnant right after my sister's born. So 12 months later, there's a nother baby born.
And Anna was like, What is baby?
WTF mom? You know what causes that? Right? And my dad traveled constantly so like when you don't think of these things until like your later in adult life. But she had two babies back to back. And you know, I was the older sister and apparently I wasn't very supportive. And that took me to Yeah, about five we moved we moved to Nashville and my little brother and sister were like baby babies.
We got an ocean hammock. Oh my god, you're gonna get motion sick.
That's it for this week's episode of business and veiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and Help new listeners is for you to rate the show and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights and I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember, the profitable shifts and structures you're creating in your business, help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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