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  • September 22, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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Join Angela and Amanda as they travel to the Bahamas and share special behind the scenes stories and experience shares. In this episode we talk with a local who works at Rosewood resort in Baha Mar. He shares his experience as a native to the island and his top tips!

Thank you Rosewood Baha Mar for the beautiful accommodations!


  • How to take in the local culture
  • Safety when traveling
  • How to be happy with who you are


Make decisions that will set you up for success

Trust your gut

Create a life you are proud to live


Welcome, Andre. Welcome. Thank you so much for having me. How long have you worked here?
I've been working here for about, I'd say 2019. So like three years?
Wow. Like you said, you're in COVID? Yeah. You're open your accounting.

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No, I meant, oh, no, not really. Basically, what happened is that they only like essential personnel, people like in security, and you know, upper management, you know, dentists and so forth. They were allowed like to be taken. Yeah, yeah. But also like, you know, he's a woman. You know, trying to some of us, we had little things going on. Yeah. But what the resort did, they made sure, like, ensure that we had some kind of benefit of being human to watch this Yeah, looking after us. I love
this brand. We love this brand. We love the company, culture, every property that we go to around the world, like everyone is always like, awesome. And it starts with company culture. So and then like, people end up like being loyal to that brand. Because they they're taking you know, they post anyway. Okay, here. So pick a question. Any question?
Hopefully, it's a good one.
You can look at it. Oh, this is a great, great. This is a great question. You didn't tell him the rules?
Exactly. So I don't know. I
don't. I don't I don't like it's okay. So we do this personality thing called true colors. There's four personalities? Have you ever heard of it? No. Are you familiar with any personality? Like methodologies? Okay, right. So it doesn't make you do like a personality profile.
Score, or any agree Enneagram?
Not really. Getting
married? No. Okay. Don't ever get married until do a psychology methodology. Don't ever get married or compatible? Okay, you have to make sure you're compatible first. And the way you do that is with astrology in your birthdays. Like that's step one. Okay. Yeah, like certain signs.
I mean, yeah, they sometimes say like, you know, like, their mom. Signs what they call like, you know, with Aquarius, yeah. When's your birthday? Aquarius. Yeah, Johnny 24.
So, I would say we're sure s say Hey, Siri, what's the best sound match for Aquarius? And she'll tell you, okay, because Siri knows every
I mean, but I've I know someone who's like really into like the science of thing and so forth. And she told me like my sign says I'm an Aquarius, but I don't want to make one like, okay, yeah. So
you are compatible with other Aquarius, Libra and Gemini.
The best of the best. Okay, so
you have the older you get. You have a pre qualification list of your like, non negotiables. Okay, like a non negotiable for me is like Apple technology. Like if you are not into technology, and you don't know how to use apple. It's a negotiator. A big fat no.
Yeah, it is. And
so, yeah, and then another like the next one is like he has to be a good dancer. Okay, good. Jokes, you know, so it's like, there's certain things did you say I found already? That was number one. Okay. That's number one. Question, what is the most embarrassing music that you like to listen to?
embarrassing to me, or like
anybody that you would be like, am I don't want to tell somebody that I looked like if you were laying in bed listening to Whitney Houston.
Yeah, it would probably be like, you know, somewhere along I'd like because I listen to r&b Ella Schneider off and so forth. But more like if I was listening like Taylor Swift song, I wouldn't want to
what's your favorite Taylor Swift song? Um,
I don't know it by the name of Elena. We are so going to karaoke right now, but I don't know.
But if I had, how does it go? I get I remember, like, like, like, playing like songs that I know. I wouldn't really search up and listen for. I would just hear it out and listen to it. And I'd be like, this is a nice song but to say If God and I'm gonna
play like, what are her top like? Oh, gosh, there's so many. Is there is it her more country song or
the one particular song? I know I wouldn't want to one day I mean that's it. Do we get the real? The songs Call? Call Me Maybe
that's currently Justin Yeah, like, I don't know Call Me Maybe yeah I don't know any of these someone's like, Hey, I just
know you know it's a sauna. I don't know. I'm gonna have my watch one or two but I don't really care. You mean you don't dance? No interest to me? Yeah, like, I don't know the song just kind of was catchy and nice. You know? It's like, okay, no one no one, you know, walk it on Yeah, I gotta be like me so I don't know if I've ever heard Oh yeah, like oh, let me call you someday I just met you. Yeah, so I definitely wouldn't want that to work. Yeah, Call Me Maybe, maybe, maybe no call me if
you haven't? Yeah, do you know when your iPhone and the music app you can press at the bottom where the little quotations are in it tells brings up the lyric words to the song. Yeah, I didn't know that I just Yeah, and in a lot of the words I thought it was what I was hearing is not actually what was funny I make up my own words anyway. Okay, we know that you have to come back to work with a few pleasure. Yeah, give me one second. I think we're okay for right now. We're gonna dig for you because I know you know, I'm work good.
Are you gonna keep it? I think
she'll still eat I will eat the other half and like an hour and a half all and she likes to graze. I do. I'm agree Sir after a while. Yes, she she can't stay get your food sitting. It bothers her.
It does like is it gonna lose that? Does she know what Chick fil A is? Yeah.
Have you been to the US?
waffle fries? For me? They're waffle fries. No, I've never had
to eat them immediately. Or they're not as good as theirs. They're disgusting. They're so much better hot. Okay, yeah, I got
the fries sit out. Anyway, that was my otherwise you just throw them away?
Or the US? Yeah. Well,
you know, the Bahamas. I've only been to New York when I was younger once and then I've been Florida like, numerous times. Yeah. Fort Lauderdale. Orlando. Yeah. Yeah, like 45 minutes. Me as I get up to now, I wouldn't really say, I love you. That's all I know. So, you know, I have no choice. But
but do you have a choice?
I mean, you definitely have a choice but to say like, you know, your family, your friends, your culture, you know, so the readapt change is good. I mean, it's hard. But it's a I'm not afraid of a change. Or young children. I'm more inclined to say I will do something different. But
don't commit to a woman and have kids just be super careful. Until you're how old are you? Okay, until you're at least 30 At least 30. No commitments, no children. Trying is not committing. Do what feels right
in life. Just, ya
know. See, see people think, you know, this. This is like a tourist Crusher out here. It's like a tourist attraction. So you would get like, like a good movie scene here. But you never really get the real, like, what does he get? Just like anywhere else, like, you know, they are good and they are bad. So like, I like to encourage people to say, you know, they gotta explore more. There's the release field, the culture of the farmers, you gotta really like, interact with the locals and you actually leave the property. Yeah. And you get oxy decent food. That's part of the experience.
So you want to know the last time I left a property in the Bahamas? What happened to me? Oh, my God.
This isn't gonna happen this time. Somebody gave me a pill
ticket. Yeah. Because my head hurt at a headache. And it was.
That's why we bring her on Tylenol now.
Yeah, so it was a strange person, but it wasn't so like somebody gave somebody gave my friends some pills. And then what Like she, you know, gave it anyways bad. I'm really sorry, dad. I told my dad my dad's dad now doesn't my dad was a drug cop. But anyway, I never done drugs or anything, and I just my head hurt, you know, but I think it was like ecstasy laced with something. And I'll never forget this because we were out at some bar, and we came in on this huge ass cruise ship. My parents were pissed that I was coming anyway. And so I was so definitely ill from the boat. And but like I was better. And then I took this pill. And all of a sudden, I was like, I'm gonna throw up. So I was like, looking for an exit sign or a bathroom sign. And usually wherever, like, we're event planners, we're an event. So for like safety reasons, when we do for plans and things. That's the first thing I look for, like, where if there was an active shooter, or if there was like a situation of fire, like, you know, bad things, you don't plan for events, because they're supposed to be happy. And it's like, but that's the first thing. And we have to design around that. Because we always need people to be able to identify anywhere, wherever there's an exit, there's usually a bathroom, which usually has a water fountain. So anyway, so I was looking for a bathroom. And there was a long ass line. It was a bunch of steps. There was a lady at the top charging to use the bathroom. And I never encountered that in my life ever. And so I literally I pushed her side and I'm like, I'm gonna puke. I cut through all these girls who were like, like, cussing at me. Yeah, and I'm like, No shit, you're up on you. And I made it up the steps into an actual stall. And I started to throw up but the scary it was like blood everywhere out of my mouth out of my nose. Like he's gonna get back. I know. Sorry. But my friend came up there who was a nurse and I lived but I swear to God, if I could just live that one night. I would never ever ever, ever take a pill ever from anybody that I didn't know and this is why we story like we carry a pharmacy with us now I mean,
I mean normally like there are like there are you know, tourists coming out everywhere yeah did by vendela tourists that come in, they are no drugs and so forth. And I, I personally, I don't recommend it. Unless you please, if you know how to poison and you realize that they are good. You know, there are good people,
potentially what makes you a good drug dealer versus a bad drug?
You have Tylenol and you're given to someone who is literally Tylenol, then you're a good person. But if you tell someone to Tylenol, and it's not.
Exactly because, you know, some people they actually live off that like somebody they do it on a regular that's yeah, that's a thrill for them to like they some they take it and they give it to people. Some people. They don't take it, but they give it Yeah. So to me. Yeah. Like normally most of us who work in you know, towards industry, we understand that, you know, you have to take care of you like if you were in my home. Yeah. But I advise NSA if you don't normally go to the store and you know, you buy Tylenol or you bought it on, you know, whatever. You know your stores. Yeah. No, no, it's coming from like, anything that was it like, in like a pocket or anything. And it's in her pocket. But so it was just like the pillow
in her apartment. Yeah, this is stupid. Rather just like had a migraine, but y'all had to learn the hard way.
Just go into the shop and buy Yeah. Yeah, like, that's amazing. And I I go into somewhere and I accept and the drink was ready opened. I don't know where it came from. I would
never happen again. Yeah, one time and one time only.
Some places. You wake up in the changes basement. Right? They don't want that to happen. Yeah, no, you don't wanna get kicked off. So like, Yeah, but But yeah, we don't have no, like no kidnappings. No, like, school shootings. I mean, only thing it's America. Only thing we have here is like, gang related. That's everywhere. Other than not like and you just stay away from Yeah, once you once you're not in that life that you know, it's a very slim, small possibility that you will be any guy casually towards like, you know, any violence. Like what did not want you out there. That's normal. Yeah, people are chilla. Yeah. Pretty much. Like yeah,
man. Chicka Chicka Bahama Mama. Bahama Mama.
Yeah, you know, it's a nice vacation. I like it. Yeah, a lot. I love I love but it's always good to explore places and you know, you got to spend time elsewhere to really appreciate I think I lost that appreciation for it because I've been there so long other than that. It is. Yeah,
but you're happy you
know, because I that's all I look at life. You know,
that's all that matters.
You gotta bend some else in a way less way less fortunate country well as situations. No, you gotta think someone someone definitely has a voice than me. So they may get that It can make.
Amen to that. Yeah. Someone buzzing.
Other places like, I'll watch this thing. Yeah, you know? Yeah. So we get
to these have like, yeah, they have a number. Yes. And
I know is once it's not,
we love technology. So we have an app that basically integrates with like hotel apps like the rosewood app. So instead of that buzzing you on your watch, you would have a different kind of watch, but it would still be a GPS watch. And so people would go on and order their food and drinks on the app. And then the automation is this drink machine, it holds 100 alcohols, and it automates all the drinks on the menu, and then the mixologist, and like the specialists and small yeas and I'm saying it wrong. But like leave them to really do like the major big things with the people and then all the other like, you know, smaller things like lead and let automation do it. And so that's one of the things that we're talking about. It's some of the properties that we go to because it increases productivity, and then you end up like, the resort makes more money. And then it's a better experience because like if we got up and moved, and we ordered drinks, and you're like, Where the hell are you? If we have our phones with us, then your watch would tell you on your GPS exactly where we are. So it just solves a lot of like waste and customer expectations anyway. Okay, you get back to work and you're being best. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show, and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights and I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember, the profitable shifts and structures you're creating and your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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