You Grow as You Go – How to Build a Lifeline
  • October 20, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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Join Angela and Amanda as they travel to the Bahamas and share special behind the scenes stories and experience shares. In this episode we talk about lifelines and what they mean as you grow and gain more life experience!

Thank you Rosewood Baha Mar for the beautiful accommodations!


  • What life lessons teach us and allow us to grow
  • Always have grace with yourself
  • You grow as you go and experience more


Embrace the memories you have made

Be proud of the steps you have taken to get to where you are

Time is precious


Okay, so next, we're gonna go to 10 to 1510 to
15. Yeah, 10 to 15. So what I mean, I was still in the season of just accepting my sister passing away. You were talking about a teacher, your kindergarten teacher, which made me think of one of the most important people in my life and changed my life so much for the better, is my guidance counselor in elementary school.

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And I wasn't like super close to her until after my sister passed away. But it was, she gave me like a place to go like during the day. Like if I was just like, feeling sad, or like trying to like contemplate things or like, I don't know, just in my thoughts. Yeah. And she was like, you can always come to my room. And she didn't just let me just sit. Like she had this thing called the card shop. And it's like, the first business I ever worked. Wasn't really. But basically all these people with like, donate cards. Yeah, so all these people would donate cards. And she had like this rack of cards in her room. And she needed somebody like she would open it on like Fridays at like two before school got out or something. And she needed someone to like go in and organize them and me being like, super organized, and like needing something to do to get my mind off stuff. I would go to her room and we would talk and I would organize the cards like that to get well I love it. I love you and Happy Birthday. Like they were all together and you feel so good after you do it. And when she got new cards, and I would go and organize them. And so she just became like, truly one of the most influential, wonderful, best friend people in my life. I still have dinner with her and her husband like they're the sweetest people. She's She was in she She's amazing. So yeah, so those tabs and then went on to middle school. And you know, middle school is awkward for everybody. And it wasn't the most fun time. But it wasn't awful, either. It's an awkward time. I got my first cell phone.
Was it like a brick?
No. It was like a little purple flip phone. And you can do anything on it. Like you could call and you can even text you couldn't really text like it's one of those things where it's like you have to press the button four times to get to a wire like yeah, oh my god.
charged by like, message by the number of characters. Yeah,
I danced in middle school. A lot of friendship drama in middle school. Like, I discovered that. Girls are nasty. And I'm still friends with them. Yeah, like we. We were just like,
you didn't know any better. Yeah, we don't know. each other all the time. You don't know any better is that?
Oh, he's blowing on a con. It's called a conch?
Or concetti site.
I think you're right. A conch, conch, conch shell. Why would you want to show that someone's had their mouth on?
Well, we're at we'll wrap up. You're 10 to 15. Yeah,
so 10 to 15. I can't remember like all that much. Like, I think it was just learning about myself and like, you know, puberty and Chet and I had a Dolly Parton themed birthday party. Oh my god. 10 To 15 I became vegetarian. I know. It's such an ingrained part of my life. Technically. pescatarian I only finished when I know that's coming from like a good source. But yeah, when I was 14 before I started high school. Yeah, it was the summer before I started high school. I remember ate my last burger and it was from McDonald's. And I looked at it because like, I was with my friend and like her dad like bought us lunch or something. And I looked at it I was like, This is so gross. And I like I watched so great. Like, I think it was food and clothes. Yeah, Food Inc was the documentary that I watched. And for me like it always came down to you one cows are my favorite animal. I don't know why I just think they're so freakin cute. So I was like, I would be a hypocrite if they're my favorite animal. And I eat though it started with cows, I stopped eating beef, and then I quickly stopped eating everything else. And it was mostly just because of like, my thoughts on the food industry in America and factory farming and how you are what you eat, and why would I want to put something into my body that has lived a stressful life? That's like me bringing stress into my life through what I'm eating. And why would you do that? Exactly, because it tastes fucking good. And not that I ever would. I've been vegetarian slash past pescetarian ever since mostly plant based. I don't really eat much fish at home. But yeah, ever since. Like, that's always been my thing.
But how did it make you feel like, from complete? Like, how long did it take you? Like, was it like a week? Was it like,
it was? Like, I am a very determined and committed and loyal person. And then I make up my mind about it, which generally don't change it. Yeah. And so I think it shocked my mom, because she was kind of like, I don't know what to cook for you. Right? Because that I mean, you got to think this was almost 15 years ago. And the wasn't the world did not cater to people who are planning to go to the grocery store and not know what to eat. Like I would get bags with like frozen vegetables. But let me just
pause here really quickly. Because this is very important to say, because this has this wasn't that long ago. So the people that now nowadays, for us, it is much easier to go anywhere and say, Oh, you're pescatarian or you're planning like and they're like, Okay, got it gotta go and a lot of things on menus they all have. But guess how that happened? It was a person, it was one person who's through a lot of people adopting the lights, yeah. And then two people and then three people, and then four people feeling better. And then those people who were willing to take a risk knowing that they were taking a risk by opening businesses and opening grocery stores. I mean, there's a God that opened turning Trump who's an EU member, and now he has so many of them, like, I can't even keep up with how many locations but it's like, he started with one itty bitty little pant, plant based grocery store. I mean, now they have other things, and they've grown, but it's just like, if you have an idea, because a lot of people that listen and watch me they're entrepreneurs, or they're burning to do something, if this is where you'd be if something is personal to you, and it just changed your life.
It's gonna change someone else's. Tell somebody
tell somebody, right?
Yeah, like, for me, it really does come down to like, the treatment of animals. Like I love animals so much like, I think that, you know, I do understand, like, I am religious, like, I think that God put them here for us. But I also think that it's our job to respect them and take care of them. And so when I learned about farming in America, like it just broke my heart, and I just couldn't support it. So not that I would ever eat meat again. But if I did, I would prefer to get it from like a local farmer, or somewhere where I know that. Yeah, they took good care of their animals, and they were kind to their animals. Over time, like an experience in the world becoming more adapted to it. It's much easier now. And I've learned so much about what my body needs, whereas then I didn't know when I was just like, I'm just not gonna eat meat. Yeah, yeah.
My experience of shocking This was when one of our clients in the middle of a pandemic was like, come up to Oklahoma to a cow auction, and we're gonna get some cows. And we're gonna open a venue. These are beautiful cows. These cows get blowouts, like, literally, there's no fluff. They're beautiful. And but they, this, these cows are for different purposes. These are not cows that are being fed to be slaughtered to be served to humans, they produce semen, and they sell their semen. And it's like a matchmaker of these different animals. And they like make these other baby calf children that just outputs so much great stuff. Genetics. That's a better way to say it. Yeah, just say no, you're right. That's what it but I was just like, shocked it. I was just in shock. Like, I just I was just how they had everything in there. And I didn't understand what the stock stocking yard was, which on the stock market, which is kind of like so I mean, I just the industry of cattle and the industry and the business models behind. I just learned so much in three days. And it changed my life forever to like, have that information of like, Oh, God, I just I don't know.
So Angela. Yes, Amanda. What was life on your timeline intent for years? 10 To 1510 to 15. Yeah. Okay. Oh my god. Oh, my God, you guys get all see
what is happening right now. Yeah, I know. So 10 to 15 was pretty big. I think because this is the age where I started to understand that my dad did something that wasn't normal and And I started to learn things like, you know, we would be in a courtroom, we would be in hospitals, we would be in surveillance vans, like just not normal things at all. And so you start to realize that and then I started to like, be around in the summers, like on the Gulf Coast, my uncle more and like understood that he like ran a wedding business. And what started as a little floral shop, ended up being this one stop shop that he just kept building on to and building his his real estate. And so I started to kind of understand, but you know, that's when you get towards the age of 15. People are like, asking you, what do you want to be when you grow up. And I was like a gymnast, because at that time I got into gymnastics, I got into cheerleading, I started being I became a gymnastics coach, I started teaching when I was 13 years old. And then working with team and it's like a discipline and like having ADHD kind of bad. You know, we put tools in place like calendar time blocking, and, and focus, it helps us focus and do work working from a treadmill desk, because that helps us focus and helps me focus. So there's all these things in place. But that's one thing that gymnastics taught me. And so that was kind of like my core, I had like, my first job, like, you know, I couldn't even drive, but my schedule, that's where I really started to experience how to manage a busy schedule, but do like 10 different things. You know, because my parents had me going from, you know, you go to school, then you have cheerleading practice, then I would go teach to gymnastics classes, then I would go to church and have basketball practice from nine to 10. You know, and then you eat dinner, and then you get up and you do the same fucking thing. You know, but it's a different sport, or a different school or, or whatever. But that was really like, my, my first job. And then by the time I was 15, I was working a lot like coaching again, doing what I love, and like doing choreography and making up routine. So it was it was a lot of fun. And and then competing to like on the the cheer side, and then on the gymnastics side, so that was like at the peak of of all of that, I would say. But my parents were never like pageant parents that were like, You have to win you have it was never they're never competitive. It was just like, you know, you do your best and
do it because you love to do it. Something that you enjoy, and they wanted you to do something you enjoyed.
Yeah, not Yeah, not because you know, you have to but you know, there being a coach. I saw how awful the parents were to the kids and the coaches. And I mean, it's one of the reasons I ended up having to get out of it. Well, that and a few broken bones. But that's an another lifeline. So yeah, that kind of sums up and I think I got my first boyfriend. His name was Scott. Yeah. I really didn't have time for boys. I wasn't into boys. But he was Catholic. He went to our church. Our parents were head of the funeral committee for many, many, many, many years. Super involved in the Catholic Diocese. I mean, that's where I got into weddings is you know, that's a that's a different time frame. Oh my god. Okay. Okay.
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