The Importance of Grace Throughout Life
  • October 27, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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Join Angela and Amanda as they travel to the Bahamas and share special behind the scenes stories and experience shares. In this episode we talk about lifelines and what they mean as you grow and gain more life experience!

Thank you Rosewood Baha Mar for the beautiful accommodations!


  • What life lessons teach us and allow us to grow
  • Always have grace with yourself
  • You grow as you go and experience more


Embrace the memories you have made

Be proud of the steps you have taken to get to where you are

Time is precious


Okay, 15 to 20. Well, like most people, I started high school. actually really liked my high school. It was pretty like, everybody was pretty close knit. Like, there really are. I didn't feel like there was much clunkiness I mean, of course it existed, but it's like, you're not going to get past that. Right? Oh, I got my first job at 15 at a different place. It was a marble slab. I knew how to do. It was ice cream. And we scream for ice cream. Yeah, I didn't love that job. But I still I think you know, not everybody gets their first shot at 15. So I was pretty proud of myself.

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That Taylor Swift song? Yeah.
No, I can't sing. Yeah, so that was when I was 15. Let's see, did anything significant happened when I was 16? I don't think that it did honestly, like 16.
You get a car license.
Oh my god, y'all. You can actually get your permit in Tennessee at 15. And you here's the thing, this is what people should take away from this. I'm gonna say, I should say that better. I mean, clubs. This is what the takeaway is. Not everybody learns the same way in not everybody can show their knowledge in the same way. So I made great friends of the DMV of Sumner County. Yes, because I spent, I spend so much time there. You tell me how bad driver I know. I'm not a bad driver. I just failed my permit test five times.
Why? Well, you don't do well under testing.
I don't I'm bad at testing. I am bad at testing. We have guacamole. We're so excited. Hi. Sorry. We put the table up here.
We're gonna eat her book.
Thank you. They're probably still making it. Alcohol is not going to hydrate you. It was it was a computerized test. And you knew how many questions you could miss. In every time that you got them wrong. It flashed up. It was like wrong on the screen, like incorrect. And I was like, Oh, shit. And so like, it just like built up this like nervousness in me. And I was just like, yeah, it was like, Oh, my God, I can only miss one more. And then I wouldn't miss it. So I failed it so many times. And then I went in to take it another one of the times in my proof of school had expired. Like that. It only lasts for a month. So and you can only take the test once a week. School your license. Yes. At that time anyway, you had to get proof of like that you were going to school. And so I had to get new private school. And then finally I told them I was like, Hey, I know this stuff. Your test is just freaking me out. So I asked them if I could take a written test. And I did paper and pencil and I passed it. I only missed one question. So if you ever feel like you know things, but you're not getting the opportunity to know it your way like adapt, like always an ask question. Yeah. Usually there's a workaround and some way that you can. I love how you can get through it. Yeah. So shout out to my dad for bringing me to the DMV so many times to so yeah, so that was actually interesting about 15 and then 16 I passed my driver's test with flying colors. I actually went through like a driver school and we had to parallel park and I had to drive downtown. I almost had a taxi. I was terrified but a past a past. I'm proud of you between those years. I got my first boyfriend not the best thing in the world but you know you live and learn when you're young you don't know what love is. And then I think we broke up when I was 19. I, it was two years.
I did those things.
The stupid things. And then let's see when I was, you know, graduated high school, then I started going to college. I don't know, I guess at 19 I don't know, just the basic stuff. Nothing really crazy happened during that time. I did. I was working at a family owned company. And this is kind of what started me into events as I was overseeing their rental department as an 18 year old.
Organized 18 year old. Yes.
And I from a guidance counselor. Some of it some of it was natural, but But yeah, so that kind of, I started in like, the events world at 18. It was I it was the day I graduated was the first day that I started working there. And, and yeah, and that's what gave me the start in that.
My 15 to 20 gets really interesting. And this is where shit gets real crazy. Okay. So I think when I got I didn't get my driver's license right away when I was 16 because I had a boyfriend that was 16. And he was the deacons grandson at our church. My parents loved that. So they let me ride in the car with him. So he like drove me around, and he would come over every morning and see me he like lives behind me. How cute it was. Yeah, cute. So he was like my first like, couple years like high school boyfriend. My boyfriend was not religious. That's a different story. That's a crazy story. But the problem was we had a trampoline in the backyard. And I spent a lot of time on the trampoline, working out and flipping and like twisting and like prepping myself for like gymnastics things and cheerleading and all this stuff. Interesting. And then there was this guy named Ron. My boyfriend's name was Jeff, the basic white boy name. And Ron was a football player at Mount Juliet High School. And Ron had a red truck. And we were just friends. But he was so muscular.
And he looked like me so muscular and incredible hulk
Yes, it was insane. But he was like a new kid in town. He like moved there for I don't know making this up. I don't know he why he moved. He's like this buff. He
moved here to play high school.
I'm totally making this up. Anyway, so I was cheating on shop with Ron. And he saw me with like binoculars Because Ron and I were making out on the trampoline. And he saw me like through the bushes because he like lives behind me on this hill.
Wait. Wait, you were making out with frog on a trampoline when you knew that Jeff could see. I was in the lane.
I think I was like 17 No, I was I was 16. I was 16 years old. Okay, so then Jeff got so mad and comes over and my mother loves bird. What are those things called Bird? Bird Cage things that hang in the yard? Bird Feeder bird feeders? Yes. She had a favorite bird feeder. And he walked in and he punched the bird feeder and it busted and went everywhere. So me it is so mean and my mother. Yes. This is the deacons grand saint Jeff. Oh my god, y'all. So then, um, there were just so many things there. But let's see. Okay, so then, my junior year. Me and Jeff were done. Then me and Ron were done too. And so then I got a boyfriend Mario is super Italian. And Maya was really fun. But we were just alike in so many ways. And we wanted to kill each other at times. But we had the most fun. It really wasn't but I mean, he was the first boy that well, he kinda was going to ask me to marry him. But that didn't happen. We were just way too young. Right. And we used to talk on a payphone and we had a beeper. His actually my first cell phone. My first real cell phone his mother paid for on their family plan like that was the kind of girlfriend I was yeah yeah, loves his family and he loves my family. Like we have some major effing history like I'm about to tell you. Because these were like highs and lows like that. I'll never forget because I almost died. I thought I was gonna die. So yeah, he was like my senior year boyfriend. Okay, so me Mario had fun. There's a few really big things here. Okay, so the first is we would sneak out and one of the first times us snuck out, my sister goes and tells on me and tells my parents I'm running away. She knew exactly what the fuck I was doing little snark. And so I get this gnarrk gnarrk snark is not in a narc snark just beep beep. Anyway, moving on. So it's like 330 in the morning, and I get a beep 7546113 What was my home phone number?
This is probably way not your generation. But if anyone remembers Kim Possible. That's what that made me think of because the theme song was like call me beat me if you want to reach me.
She was Kim Possible. Anything's possible with the people way just to be
away. Oh my god. I don't know what that is. But anyway.
So you snuck out with Mario. Yeah, I
didn't know. She did. But anyway. So I'm like, Oh my God, you got to drive me home. Like, I'm gonna get this shit beaten out of me. And I mean, I kind of deserved it. So I was perfectly prepared with a stiff, tight ass. I mean, my dad would take a belt or a switch. And like, fucking just, I mean, we, we were taking kids, let me just tell you that we were good kids. So my sister told me, he would not even pull in the Coalsack. He left me at this end of the street because he's like, your dad's gonna shoot me or kill me. So you have to get out of my car and walk to your street. Sorry, kinda
like this. But I just I don't know if I could share it with the public.
Do you want to think about it? I don't know. Okay, well, think about it. We might circle back boyfriend's
car getting stuck in the sand at the lake down the parents down the road from my parents house. Did you go to jail? I walked home by yourself. It was past curfew. He walked me to the end of the street. And then watch me walk home. Yeah. And then I think him and his friends had to like, find a way to get his car out of the sand in the middle of the night. That sucks. Not my problem.
Yeah, not No, no, it's not your problem.
I told him not to park it there. He was just stupid.
Guys, listen, you should just listen to the lady sometimes. But sometimes the guys know. So I walked in the front door and the steps. Were right at the front door. And he was sitting on the steps. And he looked at me and said, Angela, if our house caught on fire, you've heard this story. And everyone ran outside and you weren't out there. And I went in to save you and you weren't in your bed and I died. How would you feel? And I just busted out crying. Never ever, ever seek out again. And he's like, at least leave a god damn post it note. So our family lived and communicated and breathed by yellow post it notes on the microwave. And I mean, so many secrets were revealed from the post it note microwave days. Secrets. The biggest is when my sister thought she had the flu. And the doctor's office called with the results. They were positive. And my little brother answered the phone and took down the number. So my mother called back my mother, this was prior to HIPAA, okay. And she's like, you know, does Ashley Young have Baba Roth her
daughter? She would she under 18?
Yes, she was You're right. Yeah, yeah, you're right. So she's like, well, the test is positive. And she's like, okay, so she has the flu. So are you gonna call in something? She's like, No, her pregnancy test is positive. Now, we were raised that you don't have sex before you get married. Okay, that's a different day for a different story.
But told your mom she's gonna get a test for the flu.
Correct because she was sick while she was just prego. And that's what she was sick. Anyway. So my dad was really angry, but he did not beat me did not give me a spanking. And it was just more impactful. And like, it just taught me that you've got to think about the consequences and quit being selfish and like thinking of yourself in that moment.
Think about others and like, the people that love you like, yeah, they may not approve of what you're doing, but they love you that all of that doesn't matter if something were to happen. Yeah, the fact that you're doing something they don't approve of, it doesn't matter.
Yeah, he's so so I would often like it three o'clock in the morning, go to waffle house, and I will leave a post it note, you know, on the microwave,
you telling your stories is making me think of my stories when I was 17 with my high school boyfriend. My parents didn't like, which good reason. But you know, you're in high school, you don't know anything. And my dad was out of town. And I was grounded from seeing my boyfriend would you do? I don't remember. It was probably had something to do with the phone bill. Because at that point, like there was no unlimited talks, talking tax like, like, if you like, you know. So that was probably what it was about. It was really bad. Like, one of the times the bill was really high, and I just didn't know. But yeah, I, my mom and this girl that is like my sister who was living with us. They went like downtown, and they asked if I wanted to come but I didn't want to come because I wanted to sneak and go see my boyfriend. Well, I met him like at Barnes and Noble or something. And then at bar, and then it was gonna drive him home. I went to drive him home and on the way home I got in a car accident. A bad one totally totaled my car. It was head on driver's side. Luckily, we were both okay. It could have been much, much worse. But it was bad. I was in like a little sedan and was hit by like a big SUV. And I think that was the last time I stuck out to do anything. And like my dad was out of town because he was touring. I think he was in Canada. And like, I just remember like, I didn't ask for an ambulance. But I was like blood vessels busted head to toe. My ribs were bruised. my kneecaps were like busted. Like, my neck was like, in so much pain. Because like when you get in a car accident, like you're supposed to be like, you know, but you like clench up. You like stiffen and like, oh my gosh, I was in so much pain for like weeks. But um, yeah, we weren't supposed to be together. But my mom never. My mom's really wonderful about things like this. Like she's like, obviously, she noticed it. And she knew we were not supposed to be but she did not care at that moment. Like it. And we never really we never really talked about it. Yeah. And I just remember, like, I had burns from the airbags, like, up and down my arms. And I just remember there was this police officer on a bike. He was the first one who showed up. It was dark. And again, I asked him like, Okay, I was like, I'm fine. But like, Can you can you show me a flashlight on my arm again? Because he was burning so bad. And he's like, do you want me to call you an ambulance? I was like, I'm fine. But can you look at my arm? Like if you haven't asked me him? My mom got there. And I was like, she's like, Oh my god, I'm so glad you're okay. And I was like, Yeah, I just want to go home. And she's like, No, we're going to the emergency room. So we went to the ER, I was cold, which I'm always cold. He thought that I was going into shock because he brought in like all these gods blankets. And he was like, tucking them around me and he's like, You will be fine. You will be warm. And I'm like, okay. So, um, yeah. And so I had like X rays done like head to toe and like, went home. My dad. Yeah, my dad called like, at two in the morning, we were in the ER for like, eight hours. And like, I think that that was a super big learning lesson for me as a teenager as someone who thought that they were in love as someone who like as a driver, like I drive so much more defensively now. Like, it could have been so much worse. Knock on wood. I'm kind of glad that happened. Because it just it made me so much more aware of things. So there's that story.
And another story in between that lifeline for me has to do with a very life changing record. That we're talking about rex with Mario with my with our Yeah, because it rolls beautifully into my next story. So the Olympics were in Atlanta, Georgia. Remember that? Yep. He got us tickets to go to one of the something to volleyball, gymnastics. I don't remember. And the other we were it was like a terrorist attack. bomb. A bomb went off in Atlanta. Yep. And my parents called and they made him drive us home. And so we did. And we like, packed our shit really quickly. And just like left, right, we just wanted to get the fuck out of the city. I mean, I was genuinely was very scared, you know? And, I mean, I was a senior in high school. I can't even believe my parents. Like, let me do these things like, God. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Not like that far. It's it's like three hours. Yeah. But still, you know, it's just I don't know. But anyway, it was dinnertime. When we got back and my parents were having dinner. My family's the kind of family that ate dinner every single night. And then as we got older and when to college and, you know, grew up, we ate every Sunday. You know things change but anyway, he so we had dinner with my family my little sister had a boyfriend who is now her so her husband and my mom asked Mario and me to take Randy home. And my sister you know, rode with us. Now he had an accurate with some souped up bass. I love bass, y'all like when we get to the lifeline and where I am right now my neighbor effing hates me because I got new speakers and he's like, Oh, my God, your bass is killing me. But we text each other and work it out. And luckily, I'm gone like a lot. But anyway, so he had this like trip and bass. And so he had these wires, like these huge ass wire things that went through the car, like in the back where you hooked up to the space. So and why this is important has to do with the wreck. So we dropped Randy off and Randy lives on a rather bad road. It's very curvy. There's no guardrails or anything like that. The roads in Tennessee are like that. Yeah, it's really like you have to fucking pay attention and, you know, deer could run out in front of it's not nothing like India, actually. Yeah, like, it's bad. And if the weather like the weather was good, oh my God, thank God, the weather was good. Because this is important. The sunroof was open and the windows were down. Okay, so So we're driving. And mind you, we just got back from Atlanta, we packed so fast, all of our stuff in our bags in the back, I just left everything on zipped like I didn't care just put everything in the bags, left them unzip. So he leans over, he puts his hand on my leg and like goes to give me a kiss on the cheek. And when he does his back right tire, driving his back right tire falls off the embankment. And we roll, roll, roll, roll, roll all the way down all the way down the embankment and slide. And where we land was like this close to a big ass telephone pole. That was the electricity to like, half the homes over on that side of Mount Juliet.
And the car we land. I mean, it's just it's just it happens so fast. And like, we're upside down, and we're spinning, we're spinning, and there's grass and water and books. And I think I'm like in a bad dream, you know, and then my sister screaming in the back the whole time she's holding on. Yeah, she's holding on to those wires that's holding in the base. And I don't know what he's doing. But But somehow, so we land upside down and it stops and we all kind of like look at each other. And my sister's like, oh my god, I'm dead. And I was like calmed down. And the car was like a pancake, you know, and you're hanging upside down. So we like undid our seat belt. That's pretty thin and fit back then. And I like fit through I like crawled out. Because you know, the windows were down, but all the everything was smashed out. And I somehow crawled out. And then I got my sister out. And then he got out but you're like all cramped? Like, I can't even I don't know, again. It's just like a bad dream. And then you get out and we sit up and we just like, you know, look way up. And there's like 10 people up there. All these cars, these cars. And this is not really a busy road. I mean, it's a very country road. But there were probably three families that stopped and now where we landed there were all these beer. But I mean, we if you look around, there were all these big guys like y'all been drinking it. And we I mean, we weren't of age to even drink. We had no we had not been drinking. And I'm like, No, sir. We have not been drinking. And he's like, Well we call 911 emulate something like, I don't even know how I had my phone. Okay, like, but I had a cell phone and somehow, some way. I still had my phone in my hand. And this was before texting, and I called my dad and my mom, I'm like, we're okay. But we were in Iraq and we're down the road. We were like 10 minutes from home on the same road that we live off of, you know, so everything okay? It was just it was just it sucked. It sucked. I mean, we were all okay, you know, scary moment. When that happens. It's just he didn't have a shirt on and like when the windshield busted, like glass, so I'm pretty sure he was like, has glass in his back for a fucking life. But it just sucks and you know, then he's out a car and then I don't know, it just it really sucked. But then he went off to college to UT and then went to UT as well. Maybe 20% Because of him, but probably because a lot of my friends went there too. But yeah, it is it was is a good school and we were so good at football, but I'm not there yet because that's 20 but I did move to UT to go to college. I did want to try out for cheerleading. I'd hurt my elbow. That was my first really bad injury right before cheer tryouts. And I thought my life is going to be over because my roommate who I love Laura I did her wedding and now she's moving back. And I can't wait. And she has two kids and I love her husband, Jim was my roommate and she cheered. But it was hard like to balance. Like, she would get up at fucking four o'clock in the morning and like go to workouts and like shit that I just wasn't gonna do. Then there was like a semi pro team where you like, got paid not a lot. And I tried out for that. So I was still cheering and making actually a little bit of money from it during college. And then I started doing like hair shows. And I wasn't 21 yet, because oh my god, I had so many jobs before I was actually 21. I was a cocktail waitress,
oh, my gosh, I nannied for like six years, like all through high school in college, like so many different things
already. Okay, so yeah, before 21. I worked the morning, right before I went into or summer. And I got that job because one of the gymnast who was like 30, at the time, she was her teacher. And I'm like, Oh, my God. 30 is so old. I hope when I'm 30. I can still tumble. I mean, I was, you know, 18 years old. But her name was Whitney and I looked up to her. And then Whitney asked me if I would start babysitting for Jacob, her little boy, he was like three or four at the time. And I taught Tiny Tots when she was in a little gymnastics class. And he really liked took to me. And she had a night job. So I would come in nanny for her. And then her house was just a fucking wreck you guys and like, much like you in the cards. Like, I'm very OCD, like, clean, like, I just couldn't take it. So one night, like a week into it. I just rip her kitchen apart, and I organize the shit out of everything. And there were dishes, and there was mold, and it was just fucking gross. And so when she came home, I was like, I'm so sorry, but I like couldn't take it anymore. Like I'm really a neat freak. And she was like, oh my god, this is amazing. She's like, Can I pay you extra to like, do it to every room in every closet? And I'm like, okay, she will she would come home and give me $100 bills, like in $100 bills. Okay. Now, I didn't question anything. I didn't tell my dad anything. But in the back of my head. I'm like this woman's slew and drugs. But I've never said anything. Okay, you don't judge a book by its cover. But the last thing that I cleaned out was her closet. And there were a lot of wigs in there and a lot of like, tall boots with like, lace. And so it did kind of cross my mind that maybe she was a stripper. And I mean, she did have a rockin body. But I wasn't going to judge. I still ever anyway, I ended up doing her wedding. And she ended up marrying the owner of kins gold Club, which was a strip club that she worked at anyway. So, um, Jacob is probably like in his 20s I would love he was like, Miss Angela, I'm getting married. Can you do my way this is when you know you have too much experience or enough experience, like retire out and like do things like this. So I don't know a lot happened, the more I started school, and then did nursing and clinicals, and I hated inflicting pain on loved people. Then I worked I started working in the mental hospital, I worked. I taught swim lessons for geriatric patients. I taught swim lessons for autistic children. I mean, I did anything I could do to get college hours working in the field, I did it. And I just I got a lot of experience and learning what I did not want to do. And, but I knew that I loved people. And naturally it was like to go into nursing and that was like gonna be my path. But then that wasn't going to be my path anymore. But my I was I was on the younger side. But I think I was 21 when I actually graduated college, which is like, a whole nother chapter of my life that like takes a crazy effing twist. It's like, why did this happen? But
we'll see you for years 20 to 25 To be continued.
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