How to Embrace the Steps Along Your Journey
  • November 3, 2022
  • GSD Creative

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Join Angela and Amanda as they travel to the Bahamas and share special behind the scenes stories and experience shares. In this episode we talk about lifelines and what they mean as you grow and gain more life experience!

Thank you Rosewood Baha Mar for the beautiful accommodations!


  • What life lessons teach us and allow us to grow
  • Always have grace with yourself
  • You grow as you go and experience more


Embrace the memories you have made

Be proud of the steps you have taken to get to where you are

Time is precious


Y'all. What are we on? 20 to 25.
Okay, so something that I left out from 15 to 20 is that I started dating someone that was he wasn't crazy. That was the that was the high school boyfriend. But now it's someone that I very much thought that I was going to marry. And we dated until I was about 21. Yes. So this was military. There's another wrong with it. Like Thank you, like, genuinely thank you for your service. Yes, it's not a life for everyone. And it's not. It takes a lot to be with someone. And if you're not born into it, yes. And you're not born into it. It's just a lot to adjust to. And a lot of things happen where trust was very tested. And anyway,

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for texting and FaceTime existed.
It was before FaceTime existed. Definitely. And I was still texting on like ABCD. Like, so. I know. But um, are we? I know. So. Yeah. So that happened. Yeah, we broke up. It was really crushing it. It changed me a lot as a person that as I was telling you earlier, like, I'm so glad that that happened. So if you're going through a breakup right now, or if you're not sure where life is taking you or just something, just like crashing or you think that your world is crushed has happened to you. It's okay. Take, take the time to be sad. Take the time to heal. You don't have to wake up tomorrow and be 100%. Okay. But you will wake up Sunday and you will be okay. Some days the key Yes, just keep going. And you will be okay. And when you look back on your life, you'll be like, Wow, everything happens for a reason. It really does. So yes, that happened. And it really kind of lit a fire in me too. Because he didn't believe in me on a lot of things. He didn't believe, like, do a lot of things. He didn't believe that I can live on my own. He didn't like and so I was like, I'm gonna frickin show you. And I did and so I am Shut up. Yeah, I and I was working events at the time. And I decided to go to Belmont and take a course in events to get like certified which you don't have to be certified. But I was young. And I didn't know. So I thought that those would be great for me. And it was it was a good experience. So I was still working for the company that I was working with when I was 18. So I worked with them for four to five years. It was kind of on an off because my boyfriend worked there too. And when we when we broke up, I decided to go somewhere else. But then when he went to boot camp, I I was good friends with my boss who was the owners why I mean she's owner too, but we had already had plans for me to come back. So after he went to boot camp, I came back and I left because I just felt like I had reached the peak. Yeah, I reached the peak of growth within that company. And I just wanted to know what else I could do. And I had like plans that like I was over like the events in that business. And we did like Event Rentals it was small business. And I would help so many like more like DIY brides like really figure out what they needed for their wedding. Like they didn't know anything. Do it yourself. Yeah. And so and I'm good I really love being a part of that. And so I had a goal that I wanted to plan weddings but I wanted to plan weddings and so yeah, and so I quick like turn of events I had done catering I had worked for when caterer I won't speak their name that was a horrible experience. That is the only job of walked off of
can you also work for a Luckily cater, I did
that. And that is why I knew the difference is because the way that they operated versus how this other company operated. It was night and day. And they were great. And I still love them. Love them. But then after that, I was like, Okay, I need to get a real job. I was like, I need to do something that's actually like a real job and like a career. So I went to dental school. This is where we insert the TIC tock of No, yeah, we got. I went to dental school, and I worked in a pharmacy. And I knew I knew what a lot. I know a lot about pharmaceuticals. And it was the most boring job I've ever had. Angelus taking a pause to go get her drink. Go, go, go. Okay, so yeah, so I went to dental school, I sat in on a few surgery, well, actually quite a few surgeries. And I realized that people don't take care of their teeth like I do. And a lot of that comes down to genetics. So it's, you know, understandable. But I just quickly was like, yeah, no, I don't want to do this. And then I started looking for jobs in the in events in Nashville, and I interviewed in a lot of places for whatever reason, and you know, everything happens for a reason. It took a while. And then, I interviewed with Angelenos for an internship and I was not in school, but I saw the value in the internship and, and, yeah, I got it. It was like I interviewed in January. My internship was in August. Yeah. But I was like, you understand now. I was kind of like, okay, well, all it's like in a month, I'll do what I can in between that. So I started working at the National Ballet. At the school. Lovely. Yeah. And I did a lot of ballet buns for our students. What does that mean? Like, do they like put their hair up? Like, so many little girls come in and be like, my mom couldn't do my bun today. And I'm like, getting my oh my God, but that would have been the best tic toc channel. It probably would have been I mean, they were kids. I don't know if i i would have to get their parents permission for that. But see where it goes like where it should? Yeah, like every year like a lot out. Let me take a video. Yeah, but I worked in the school and I like oversaw like, the kids and sometimes if there wasn't like an instructor and I would set up like the littles, which are like too, so cute. So you're so cute. They're so cute. One time they were playing fight song. It was a bunch of like little two and three year olds just like screaming it at the top of their lungs. It was. Yeah, it was so cute. I really did love that job. It was, it was really great. But yeah, I was 23 at that time. And yeah, and I interned with Angela during that time. And that's when we were like back to back to back with weddings. So every weekend from August through September, we had multiple events. No, we
didn't spend a lot of time together. I think yeah, we're talking about
I don't feel like I spend time with either one of you, honestly, really? Yeah. It just felt like we had, I just feel like we had so much going on. Like it was just a lot, just normal. But um, in that timeframe. I in this is a more personal I mean, it's all personal. But I've gotten many fun little diseases and allergies and like just things. So in that timeframe, I was in a lot of pain because I have a genetic skin disorder that I was trying to figure out what it was during that timeframe. And that I was basically I felt like a lab rat for like months. She didn't know any of this. And I basically like my skin was so bad. I
bought hold on y'all. It's like July, August. Okay, we have outdoor weddings. Yeah. And I have no idea any of this is going on.
And the the disorders like triggered by like sweat and friction and key. And like I was just like, I'm gonna power through this, like, I'm just gonna, nobody has to know. And I was also just really like insecure about it at the time.
If I would have known I would have put you at another wedding with air conditioning. You see? Yeah, but you know, and she didn't know that my skin freaks out too. Yeah, I'm allergic to everything too. Because she didn't know that. Yeah, see how communication just hope sometimes.
But I was seeing a doctor at the time that like nobody, nobody knows what this is like, basically, like whenever I tell somebody about it, they're like, oh my god, what is that and I have a whole stack of papers that are like Genetic testing and like all this stuff about the chromosomes and like all these things because it's on a cellular levels. My mom has it and she didn't know that she had it. But it's like it's a dominant gene. So if one parent has it, most likely you're most likely your child is going to have it so. So basically, like I had been seeing so many doctors and like, nobody knew what it was and like getting like biopsies and this and that and try this medicine to try this and it just making it so much worse. Yeah, that's what it felt like. And then I went and got genetically tested at Vanderbilt. Interestingly enough, they have to do it through the Children's Hospital, because they don't offer it anywhere else, I guess. Because it's genetics. Yeah. And so after, or maybe it's towards the end of my internship with you, I saw the doctor that I see now with who is amazing and incredible, and she is genuinely changed my life. And I was so amazed because I was so ready to walk in there with my stack of papers about the genetics and, and this is a long story so short, but basically, she walked in. And I was like, I have this and she's like, I know exactly what that is. And she she studied up in Boston, and they had a patient who had that. And there's, of course because of HIPAA, they can't tell us who it is. But there's one other patient in Nashville who has it other than me and my mom. That is that third practice. And I just remember, like, no one had taken the time. She like swabbed my skin, and it came back that I had like a super bad staph infection. And I had been working for this internship with like, a wicked. Yeah, no idea, like super bad staph infection.
I come from health care. I know what these things are, and you should not be at work.
Yeah. And like, I didn't know why I was so exhausted and like just felt so stuck. And like in the fact that like, nobody else had thought to do that. And it was the first thing she thought to do. And then she like, put me on a regimen to like it's one of those things where it's chronic, it's never gonna get better, but I can manage she she has given me an opportunity to enjoy life. Like before that I was not enjoying life. Like in the summertime, I would not go outside. Yeah, like I was, I was so just like, miserable. And I was so young, like I was 23. And it was even like 22. And like before that and like, it not only made my life better, my mom started seeing that doctor made her life so much better. So that was a super life changing thing that happened in 20 to 25 is that I did that. Absolutely. And I just remember after she left the room, my mom went to that appointment with me. I just started crying was like, Oh my God. Like I was just like, wow. And so she absolutely changed my life. And then yeah, so my internship was up. And he asked me what I was going to be doing. I'm like, I don't know, like, I'm gonna go visit my family. And I was still working at the ballet at the time that I had interviews lined up because I had like intended. My cousin had had a baby, my cousin and I are very close. Like your sister she is yes. Very, very close. And so yes, she had just had this baby within the last year. This baby. Oh, when? Oh, when? And I really wanted to be there for her. It was hard to be and I'm his godparent. It was hard to be, it still is hard to be so far away. And I want it to be such a part of his way as far as indeed. True. But yeah, so I have these interviews lined up because I had intended to move to Boston move and like knock in my entire family thought that I was crazy. Like
where are we in our lifeline days?
I think that you're on 20 to 25
Okay, we're taking family pictures up here.
I'm just going to become their like certified travel photographer. Not really.
Let's see, I graduated college. I lived in Pensacola, Florida on the beach in my uncle's condo. I thought it was going to be so cool to live on the beach. But what I didn't know was there was gonna be sand. Oh my god I almost dropped our fucking last microphone in the water Chidi oh my god, is the specter of real or is it fake? looks fake. I kind of feel like I'm Titanic right now. Like on the front of a boat you can say I can add
in cheat I'm just being silly.
sure voice let me tell you she's incredible. Yeah, I graduated college. I was Danes guy. We worked at a bar we were hit Silverados Southside Boogie bungalow free beer. So 11 bodies contest and wet t shirt contest on Sunday nights. That's more exciting. 20 to 25 than me. Oh my god, y'all listen, I had so many jobs like not that my parents ever told me to work. It was just like, things that I did was like relationships that I built. And so it teaches gymnastics, I would work at the cooker. I would also work at the morgue. And then I also worked at Silverados like in the summers I come home from college and like make my spring break money. And God so much happened. But I got engaged and I got married. What was that thinking? What like, What were our parents? It was more their wedding it was which was fine. My uncle made my like, a lot of us did all the flowers made like red dresses, the pearls are like every was just like this big production. And I had this notebook. And the deacon of the church was like, you know, you'd be Ruby are really good wedding planner. And, you know, they my parents did like funeral events. Do you feel that below us? Like, what's what's happening below us right now? Okay. I kind of felt like the duck was not really even like, is it gonna fall? Yeah, I just want to clarify real quick. Actually, if it was on video, it would be funny.
I don't think it'd be funny. I don't really know how deep this is. Maybe our
stuff would not be in the cloud. Anyway. So yeah, I got married and like, I don't know, like I still taught gymnastics. I came back. I worked at Baptist Hospital. Really,
I was born at Baptist Hospital, it no longer exists.
So sweet. Now it's called Midtown because they like went through some sales and acquisitions. Anyway. So my friend Sam Kirby works in HR there. And she's like, there's this job at the HIV like AIDS clinic and there's like a position open for someone who was on maternity leave. And so I worked in infectious disease and I learned a lot over really kind of insane things like dribbling. And just like things that don't, yet don't. Or if you do do it an incognito window. My knees hold on my knees like Sorry, it's my posture. My posture is really bad to your foot. Yeah, this is my foot because my knee hurts really bad. So I'm straightening it out anyway. I wish I could tell one story without getting sidetracked. Um, what was I saying? You were talking about do your billing for some? Oh my god. Yeah, the ACE clinic. And then they like wanted to take my hours to part time. And I'm like, oh, no, I'm a college. I just graduated from college. Like I need to work full time. And I still taught gymnastics because I just loved it. And then somehow I got roped in to like decorating for weddings at the Catholic Church at our at our family's church. Where all the way to church? Yeah, they're all at the church them they have like a hall like a reception center. And so for fun, is that was going on? I guess it was like 20 to 23 years old. Yeah. And and then people that were in the weddings like bridesmaids and greens, mainly bridesmaids. They're like, I'm not Catholic, or I'm not getting married here. But can you come help organize or decorate over here? It was just another word of mouth. Like we didn't charge anything. We never business. And then I my uncle. I was like, oh, people are asking this and that. And he's like, Angela, you really need to get a business license and like you need to pay taxes and like there's all these things like owning a business. Yeah, but like smart things. I didn't go to business school, right. I went to school to be psychologist I worked in mental health. I also worked at a mental hospital for a year. Actually, I worked in mental hospital in Pensacola before a year before I worked in the AIDS clinic. I think I skipped that whole part. And I really learned a lot about just people in different age generations and things like that, because we rotated from like the partial unit, meaning people were stable enough to come to therapy, but they were not suicidal. So they could go home in the evenings. And then there was the lockdown unit. And then there was the adolescence unit, which honestly most of the kids none of those kids had a disability. They weren't mentally ill they were in the state's custody because their parents were on drugs, or they just weren't involved. And it was so sad because those kids were lumped with the other kids and you know some of the things of the mental hospital really changed me and taught me like about a lot about people like two very specific incidences. Is, was like this lady named we'll call her Jane. That was her name. But Shane,
not really an alias.
She lived in Florida and like, I just didn't understand, right? Because like, you study things in the book, and then you get, like in person and it's just like, not real life, you know? And like, well, cuz
everything's so like, situational, right? Like, yeah, no, no person is the same no situations.
No. And like, everyone has different things different tonight anyway. So like, these people come in and like, you know, I'm just in my head, I'm like, What is wrong with you, like, your husband is beautiful, your daughter is beautiful. Your life just seems so perfect. Like you have a nice car and like she shared pictures and things like nice house, things like that. And I just didn't understand like, What is your problem? Like, you have plenty of money. You know, it's like, almost in like, grasp the situation of like, really what was happening. So I worked with her for all she was in like one of my groups for almost six months. And then she had an episode over the weekend where she tried to commit suicide. And she was put impatient, and I went upstairs and impatient. And you know, like, Miss Jane, like, you know, my job was like trying to figure out like, what were you thinking? What were you feeling? You know, those kinds of like, charted all out, right? Like write it down on a chart. Oh, my God. And that's when EMR was created, and EMR will, I'll finish this other servers. And she didn't remember who I was all. I'm like, what were you thinking? And she was like, I'm sorry, who are you? And it's like, she was so sick in the head, like she genuinely didn't remember. And that's when it hit me. And I'm like, You know what, I'm not I'm not cut out for this. I can't do this. Like, I, I felt so like, empty and non important, because I thought that, like we were making progress together. I mean, I was like, 20 years old, but come on. I don't know, it just I cried so hard. I call my parents that night, I was like, I'm moving home, I'm quitting like, it's terrible. And then this little kid, this six year old, that was screaming at the psychologists that I was studying under, and his mom was like, on meth. And he yelled, and said, If you take my mom, and if you take me away from my mama, I will kill you, I will find out where you live, and I will kill you. And this child was like six years old, this little boy. And I'm like, wow, I get it. I can't do this. I am not cut out for this. And so that's when I moved back home. And then I worked at the AIDS clinic. And then I worked in joint commission. And the wedding business was really picking up and like, just by word of mouth. And so I got a business license. And I joined a professional organization. And I think there was like, 30 people in it at the time announced like 300 and something people tweezer and just started networking. And then I started doing some like really good high end weddings at good venues. And people were like, Oh, shit, you're actually not crazy. Like, you're actually fun, and you know what you're doing? And I'm like, yeah, it's just for fun. Like, you know, I kind of grew up around it. And just one thing led to another. And it really, really easy, I would say, right around when I was like, around 25, it was really out of control. And out of control to where, like, my husband got deployed to Iraq, like I didn't, it was just such a foreign time for me. And then while he's gone, it's like, I'm working in the hospital. I'm teaching gymnastics, I grow this massive business, and he doesn't even know who I am. And like FaceTime, and zoom, and texting, and like, all that shit didn't exist back then. And even if it did, he was on special operations, I don't think that he would have been able to, like, call me and like chat. Like, it was just it was it was so crazy. So I put up a big wall. And there's so many other things that happen. You know, before I was 25, but that's when I started to really understand like, I'm married to someone that has no clue who I am. And this isn't gonna work. You know, so it's very detached. So when people were like, oh, have you been married? I'm like, well, kind of, but I don't really call it or a real marriage. You know, it was just, you don't know who you are, at least until you're at least 30. But I think that rings me. I think you're very mature and see what sets the tone for you. And your foundation is the way you were brought up by your parents, your morals, your values, the situations, the hard times, the hard times, and the sad times that you go through and like how your parents guide you and teach you to make the best out of it no matter what and don't use it as a crutch. And it shapes you into who you are. Period. Like there's some people like if we're interviewing if I'm interviewing some And I'm like, What's the hardest thing that you've ever had to go through?
And then they're like some of the the answers that people say, even in business, if we're going to coach or be consultants, for someone, it's like, What's the hardest thing that's ever happened to you in business? Because basically, how they respond or how they react tells you if they're actually ready for a consultant or not. Because you have to feel that pain first. Like, there's some really fucked up bad shit that has happened to me. But I don't view it that way. I view it as a blessing in disguise because everything happens for a reason. And it made me a smarter business owner and it never will happen again. Ever, ever, ever. So that wraps that that brings us to 25. That's it for this week's episode of business unveiled. Now that you have all the tools that you need to conquer the world and GSD get shit done. Would you share this with your friends and fellow business leaders? One thing that would really really help us and help new listeners is for you to rate the show, and leave a comment and Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you tune in and listen to business unveiled. You can check out the show notes at Angela and link up with us on social media so you can share your biggest insights. And I want to know your aha moments. Until next week, remember, the profitable shifts and structures you're creating and your business help you be more present in your life. So get out there and GSD


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