Have you ever needed “Find My MacBook”?


Have you ever had your iPhone, iPad or computer stolen or lost? It only takes one experience of your device being stolen and you will forever be grateful to Apple for being able to track down your devices.

For many of us, our lives, live on our devices, we store important and valuable information on our phones, tablets and computers. Here are some important and essential tips to be sure you are keeping your personal information safe.

  • Be sure to password protect ALL of your devices. Without a passcode anyone can have access to your personal information
  • Make sure that your information, documents and projects are saved in the cloud so that if you loose your device you don't loose all of your important documents and projects too.
  • Make sure that in your iCloud settings under System Preferences that “Find my MAC” (or iphone/ipad) is turned on so if you can't find your computer it will be located once it is online and will send you an email to it's location. You can also go to www.icloud.com and track it here.

Though we hope you never experience this, it is good to be prepared! Make sure to follow these tips, you never know, they may one day save the day!

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