Having an Intern During a Pandemic: Anna Cooper

I'm so excited to share this video of Anna sharing her experience as an intern during a pandemic! When approached by one of my previous mentors about having Anna as an intern, I wasn't so sure, my team and I really wanted to give her the opportunity but wanted to make sure that she would have a great experience and learn from us even while social distancing. We decided to go for it and we are so glad that we did! Anna was an amazing intern, keep reading to see what she learned during her internship!


– Some people want you to succeed
– Some people want you to fail
– The pineapple is the symbol for hospitality
– People will take advantage of you if they can
– Know your worth
– It just takes 1 time to prove yourself
– On Instagram, highlights are more important than posts
– In captions, get followers engaged by asking a question or having a call to action
– Track everythingggg on websites, social media, facebook, etc.
– Backup backup backup all of your devices excessively
– Use dropbox
– Apple is best
– Breadcrumbs are very important to your branding
– Make sure your website is secure
– Logos and branding should have meanings
– “Fake it till you make it”
– People who know what they’re doing, don’t actually know what they’re doing
– Celebrities are just people
– When thinking about branding, what do you want a customer to feel when they walk in and say when they walk out
– You want the most valuable assets on the homepage
– Have goals when developing your website
– Always own your content
– Back up everything
– You own your audience first then push them to social media
– Over a 3rd of all websites are built on wordpress
– Consistency is key
– Do it right from the start
– Conveying your strategy is important in your branding
– Put 100% into everything you do
– Treat everyone the same

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